The Frrry collection (pronounced FAIR - REE emphasis on REE) is all about construction. Designed and made in The Netherlands using vegetable tanned Italian leather, creator Ferry Cornelis Gerardus Meewisse founded the line in 2002 after passing exams for 3D design at the Arnhem Academy of Arts. Since the inception of Frrry the collection has received awards for Dutch design and been invited to show in museums and shows throughout Europe.

In Ferry's words the basis of the design for each product created relates to the foldings and structures of the design. He does not focus on making up new forms or following fashion trends. This is one of the many reasons I brought in his work as I feel it fits in so well with the timeless focus of the roztayger assortment. The work is more about concepts and ideas of how to make bags and finding useful ways to use construction to its fullest potential.

The collection is contemporary and has a recognizable personal style. Small series of new designs are added a few times a year but do not follow a fashion calendar. The items of each series are bonded by a concept - for example an idea about folding or how consumers use their accessories. The designs are always about presenting the idea in a simple, convincing and beautiful way. For this reason the pieces are never uselessly adorned with distracting decorations.
In Ferry's words "The moment of presentation of new designs does not necessarily coincide with the seasons. Moreover the lifespan of a design is not defined by cursory trends, but by renewal within the collection."
All styles shown from Frrry's collection are exclusive to Roztayger in the US.

Designer Dialogue: Frrry

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