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i ro se


i ro se (pronounced ‘e-ro-say’) is a small Tokyo brand, founded by designers (and brothers) Gen and Dai Takahashi, that brings together elegance and a spirit of playful creativity. This is manifest in products that charm with seemingly simple forms that come to reveal a greater complexity; always clean and deeply functional. After training as a leather craftsman Dai-san got together with his brother to begin this conceptual yet heartful label that draws both upon the pair’s singular aesthetic and their shared childhood love of origami and forging unique objects from whatever materials they could find around the parental home. These days the pair’s creations are produced by highly skilled craftsmen in Asakusa, a Tokyo district with a long artisanal tradition, and so i ro se’s ingenious designs are always underpinned by the highest quality construction.

i ro se products curated by Roztayger are exclusive to us in the US.



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