Ampersand as Apostrophe

A native of Detroit and now Seattle-based designer, Jessica Park was inspired to make her first bag out of sheer captivation of an "as-chance-would-have-it" material. It was the look of something conventional dying to be transformed in a truly unconventional way. Soon after, Ampersand as Apostrophe, a fashion accessories brand known for it's smart wit, eco-friendly ways and innovative approach to design, was launched.

Park graduated from Architecture School with a major in Interior Design. So it was instinctual for her to employ a feeling of paradoxical form and function. Her innate respect for utility and the structural know-how to identify good design in life's most common, yet overlooked wonders is what she believes links style and conceptual sophistication. Part rustic, part design-conscious glossy chic, her rich aesthetic take you to both ends of the spectrum and back again.

Ampersand As Apostrophe – read aloud, this phrase reveals itself as three commonly recognized symbols. In addition, equal to, and multiples of. Each defines itself as a method of transformation, the means to an end. By spelling these symbols out in full, the recognized suddenly becomes unrecognized. Their raw qualities are exposed and therefore abstracted, unveiling their honest, and undiscovered beauty.

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Anchor Bridge

Anchor Bridge is a leather studio from Asakusa, Tokyo, founded by Mr. Murahashi Yoshihiro (Designer and Shoemaker) and Miss Sakai Noe (​Leather Goods Designer). After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, they established their own leather goods brand in 2012.

Anchor Bridge sources their leathers from Europe and around the world, utilizing exotic and rustic leathers which lends a strong European flair to their products. The way Anchor Bridge integrates the original characteristics of leather with their unique take on design is part of what sets them apart from their competitors. Often blending innovative thinking with new possibilities in leather, the brand replicates the original look of leather and beautifully showcases it on its final products.

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Anne Grand-Clement

Anne Grand-Clément stands for simple and intelligent luxury. Born in North Africa in the 1960s, she studied at Beaux-Arts de Paris in the ’80s and in the following decade went on to design for Tod's and Cacharel while simultaneously developing her own brand "ursule beaugeste”: a collection of luxurious, bohemian-esque bags with a devoted cult following. These days she divides her time between Paris, Italy and Morocco. It is in India, however, that for her new eponymous brand she collaborates with local artisans in an effort to preserve their craft while creating exquisite pouches intended to embellish everyday life.

The pouches are disarming in their simplicity. Made entirely by hand, each piece reflects the labor of one embroiderer whose singular skill has been passed down the generations. This handmade process creates tiny “accidents”, scarcely discernible to the layman, that only elevate the beauty of the pouch while rendering it truly one of a kind.
Beauvais-stitched in viscose or metallic thread, the pouches shimmer with motifs in iridescent tones. The silk satin interiors include artfully designed pockets in which to hide little secrets among loose change and credit cards. Eminently practical, the pouches are designed to slide easily into a large tote or swing arm's length for a cool couture allure. In the evening they play as micro-bags, thanks to a removable small chain.

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Anonymous Ism

A perfect example of the very Japanese approach of doing just one thing but doing it perfectly, Tokyo brand Anonymous Ism uses rare, 1970s vintage machines to unhurriedly produce small quantities of thick, durable socks that artfully combine vintage inspiration with a heady imagination rarely seen in this simple but indispensable staple.

Distinct patterning, bold colors and some beautiful textures, in natural materials woven into the highest quality yarns, draw upon workwear, military, marine and outdoor gear influences to form some of the most comfortable winter socks we’ve experienced. Luxury with longevity: Anonymous Ism strives to create unique, enduring classics that are anything but throwaway.

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Antonello 's personal story ties directly to his native Sardinia and is implicit and integral to his handbag collection. A large component of the Antonello story also ties to his heartfelt desire to preserve as well as advance craft skills that are at risk of disappearing due to globalization and the proliferation of mass-production.

Antonello ’s interest in luxury fashion, retail and product development dates back to his economics degree in Italy where he begun to concentrate on research for a dissertation he was doing on luxury fashion. After graduating he went on to study at the London College of Fashion where his love and fascination with hand crafted luxury collections continued to evolve. He began to research old weaving techniques and visiting Sardinian weaving workshops. He then started to develop a range of handbags insipired by the fabrics his grandmother and his mother had grown up with.

The decision to experiment with Sardinian hand-woven fabrics (produced in ethically managed factories & workshops entirely managed by women) resulted in the debut in 2012 of Antonello's exclusive 'eco luxury' line of accessories that uses sustainable yarns made from naturally dyed Sardinian wools and regenerated-recycled cotton. As you wil see the color ranges are painterly and sophisticated and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Many Intriguing details can be found from the contrasting hand woven linings and thread tassel pulls to the clever mix and play of woven arrays and patterns. Each bag is unique and made in very limited quantities.

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atelier marchal

Atelier Marchal is a Belgian/Parisian bag and accessory brand created in 1999 by Spanish designer Josep García-Marchal and his sister Ana (you have to love brother-sister teams!) Starting out in Barcelona as a small men’s and women’s jewelry/accessory atelier, in 2002 they launched their first handbag collection before relocating to Belgium in 2010 and Paris in 2014. Atelier Marchal’s mission has always been to find the right balance between creative and commercial without compromising their brand philosophy which states aptly ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Josep has studied design and jewelry in Majorca, Madrid and Barcelona.

Most styles shown from the Atelier Marchal collection are available in the US exclusively at Roztayger.

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bleu de chauffe

Bleu de Chauffe, a line of bags artisan-made in Aveyron, southern France, brings a little of the spirit of 20th century industry to throughly contemporary products designed with urban work (and play) foremost in mind. Clean, sharp and functional in design yet possessing a warmth not always associated with those characteristics, this well-balanced mix of qualities results from a forward-thinking design team working with natural materials and partners who share their emphasis on ethical and environmental standards.

Components and materials are sourced from as close to the production workshop as is practical, in order to reduce Bleu de Chauffe’s environmental footprint, with every last thread being traceable back to its source. Leathers meanwhile are naturally tanned throughout, using vegetable-based agents such as mimosa, chestnut and acacia, in a pollutant-free process that sees the water used being returned to the nearby river as pure as when it was extracted.

With silhouettes and product names alike (‘Reporter’, ‘Scott: The Writer’s Bag’) that conjure up a more intrepid era while being supremely suited for modern lifestyles, Bleu de Chauffe is the brand of choice for those seeking to add a dash of joie de vivre to daily life.

One final touch before a bag leaves the workshop: each and every piece is personally signed and dated by the craftsman who constructed it.

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Bonastre is a Parisian-contemporary brand that features sumptuous vegetable leather bags and accessories suitable for both men and women. This environmentally friendly collection has been handcrafted using natural, non-treated cattle hides in accordance with ancient vegetable processes. Made in Spain, Bonastre celebrates the wonder of the handmade and the contemporary reinterpretation of tradition. Its designs revel in the uniqueness of each item and reflect the desire to create products that will last and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The Bonastre bag is at once radical in its purity, pleasing in its effects and nonchalant in its appearance; it is elegant, timeless and essential.

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botto giuseppe

Revered by those in the know for its pure cashmere and silk-cashmere scarves and stoles, the Botto Giuseppe story stretches back to 1876 when young textile worker with ambition Botto Giuseppe invested in a couple of looms and established a mill in northern Italy's Valle Strona region. Steadily growing to take control of its entire supply chain has enabled the company to develop proprietary handcrafting techniques giving a distinctive handle, with many items individually dyed and finished.

Botto Giuseppe's signature piece is from a collection they call "Pin 1876." It is a new line of accessories the is hand loomed, without seams and delightfully light and soft - offering the wearer numerous ways to wear. Signor Giuseppe himself may have passed in 1928, but his company remains firmly in family hands with his third and fourth generation sons and heirs proudly overseeing its continued expansion.

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Hailing from a family of Peruvian leather craftsmen, Roy Campos came to America and opened up his atelier in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the 80’s. After years of creating patterns, samples, and production for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Foley & Corinna, and Elie Tahari, Roy decided to launch his first eponymous handbag collection.

The collection exemplifies the best of classic American leather design: clean, simple, well-made, beautiful bags that are incredibly versatile and useful. Every Campos bag is made to order by Roy’s team of artisans using 100% locally sourced materials and top-grade American leathers from upstate New York.

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Clare V

Like most well thought out products, Clare Vivier began making bags in response to a need. Working for French television and busy traveling she noticed a lack of functional laptop cases that were also stylish. She fabricated her own which quickly parlayed into her now eponymous handbag line. Since then she has collaborated with Theory, Steven Allan, Refinery 29, Commune, Wren and Jasmin Shokrian. She attributes her sense of chic simplicity to her strong connection with France, where she spends a significant amount of time every year with her son and French documentarian husband, Thierry Vivier. She marries classic French glamour and minimalist Los Angeles cool to produce a line of handbags, clutches and small goods that are as chic as they are useful. Clare Vivier's design principle is timeless but her aesthetic is bold, always taking into consideration the elegant tension between modern detail and classic shapes. While her bags are now available globally, Clare roots herself in the Los Angeles fashion community with a nod to socially conscious construction and proudly bears the moniker, locally made. From conception to fabrication her line has been made exclusively in Los Angeles since 2008, consciously engaging in ethical manufacturing practice without compomise.

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Founder of J Brand some 10 years ago Susie Crippen always knew what she wanted to wear and yearned for timeless silhouettes she could not find easily in the market. Having accomplished success in the world of denim she now yearned to move on to other categories and silhouettes: the perfect dress for summer, the well-tailored trouser, the go-with-everything blazer; simple pieces that defied trends and you could wear time and time again Creating those essential pieces was the basis of the Crippen mission. Crippen offers an easy solution to buying clothing. The collection embraces feminine and masculine elements with impeccable balance. From tailored silhouettes that effortlessly drape the body, to femininity achieved with a trouser or a jean, the mission to make beautiful clothes with integrity and longevity starts with these classic foundations. Crippen is committed to sourcing extraordinary fabrics in order to create garments that will last for years. The clothes invoke an effortless-chic sensibility that’s designed to travel with you throughout the day and on all your journeys. No matter where you go or what you do,

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Much-loved in its homeland, Tokyo’s FilMelange touches down at Roztayger with a tight edit of its most popular men’s basics. In a near-obsessive pursuit of comfort and utility, the label takes control
of the entire production process, from developing its own natural cottons to unhurriedly knitting on rare vintage ‘loop wheel’ looms that give a quality and feel just not possible with modern mass production.

Painstaking dedication is perfectly balanced with a light-hearted subversiveness that comes through subtly in the final product. Small unexpected design details appear - but never anything that would get in the way of supreme comfort…

FilMelange is exclusive to Roztayger in the USA.

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The Frrry collection (pronounced FAIR - REE emphasis on REE) is all about construction. Designed and made in The Netherlands using vegetable tanned Italian leather, creator Ferry Cornelis Gerardus Meewisse founded the line in 2002 after passing exams for 3D design at the Arnhem Academy of Arts. Since the inception of Frrry the collection has received awards for Dutch design and been invited to show in museums and shows throughout Europe.

In Ferry's words the basis of the design for each product created relates to the foldings and structures of the design. He does not focus on making up new forms or following fashion trends. This is one of the many reasons I brought in his work as I feel it fits in so well with the timeless focus of the roztayger assortment. The work is more about concepts and ideas of how to make bags and finding useful ways to use construction to its fullest potential.

The collection is contemporary and has a recognizable personal style. Small series of new designs are added a few times a year but do not follow a fashion calendar. The items of each series are bonded by a concept - for example an idea about folding or how consumers use their accessories. The designs are always about presenting the idea in a simple, convincing and beautiful way. For this reason the pieces are never uselessly adorned with distracting decorations.
In Ferry's words "The moment of presentation of new designs does not necessarily coincide with the seasons. Moreover the lifespan of a design is not defined by cursory trends, but by renewal within the collection."
All styles shown from Frrry's collection are exclusive to Roztayger in the US.

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Established in New York in 2013, Håndværk is a small, artisan label specializing in supremely luxurious pieces with a thoughtfully curated collection of high quality everyday essentials made from the finest natural raw materials and innovative fabrics. The collection is designed to form the foundation of a modern and timeless wardrobe. Their heritage is grounded in three generations of small-scale family production; a legacy of manufacturing textiles, garments, and luxury products. They hand-make or hand-finish each individual piece in collaboration with other family owned workshops specialized in their craft, who share their unwavering commitment to exceptional quality.

Håndværk is the brainchild of a husband and wife team Esteban Saba and Petra Brichnacova, who share a passion for textiles. They set out to create a lifestyle brand grounded on the essence of quality – clean minimal design, the finest natural materials, and time honored quality craftsmanship.
The family background on Esteban's side, has had a major contribution to the textile and apparel industry, now extending over a century. Before Håndværk, Esteban spent more than 15 years in the investment banking divisions of Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Citigroup. Petra is tasked with formulating the art direction for Håndværk and leads the design process. She is inspired by nature's authentic beauty, and her collaborations with manufacturers who share her passion for natural, high quality fabrics. Petra earned a degree in textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology; she also studied textile and surface design at Prague's Mastership School of Art and Design and worked at several renowned art galleries in Prague. Prior to co founding Håndværk, she spent a decade managing and curating Waldmann Inc.

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Hansel from Basel

Hansel from Basel is an independent legwear company based in Los Angeles, California. They produce a wide array of incredibly charming and high quality socks and totes. The synthetic knits range from a variety of polka dots combinations both stark and colorful . The socks make great gifts or personal staples for everyday feet happiness.

Inspired by the small details of everyday life, Hansel from Basel strives to create uniquely product.

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Hayden Leather

Hayden’s leather stationery and travel accessories marry traditional craftsmanship with a tailored, modern sensibility and just a hint of off-kilter wit. Poised and always prepared, the Hayden customer will take notes on paper rather than a digital device, or discreetly slip a confidante a handwritten memo over the routine SMS. Less concerned with trend, and more with function, construction and beautiful materials, they know the right color when they see it.

Hayden products are crafted in what has become revered as the foremost leather bookbinder in the US, located in Melville NY, with solely Italian leather sourced from a tannery near Pisa. For Hayden’s stationery items the Melville factory employs a technique known as ‘Smyth sewing’, which allows the finished product to lay open flatter than a regularly bound book thus facilitating easier writing. Leathers meanwhile are selected with the Hayden ethos firmly in mind: that our favorite possessions are extensions of ourselves, and so should slowly develop patina as they follow us though life and travels.

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i ro se

i ro se (pronounced ‘e-ro-say’) is a small Tokyo brand, founded by designers (and brothers) Gen and Dai Takahashi, that brings together elegance and a spirit of playful creativity. This is manifest in products that charm with seemingly simple forms that come to reveal a greater complexity; always clean and deeply functional. After training as a leather craftsman Dai-san got together with his brother to begin this conceptual yet heartful label that draws both upon the pair’s singular aesthetic and their shared childhood love of origami and forging unique objects from whatever materials they could find around the parental home. These days the pair’s creations are produced by highly skilled craftsmen in Asakusa, a Tokyo district with a long artisanal tradition, and so i ro se’s ingenious designs are always underpinned by the highest quality construction.

i ro se products curated by Roztayger are exclusive to us in the US.

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il bussetto

The Il “Bussetto” collection began in 2004. All goods are handmade in Milan, Italy using the finest leathers and all natural dyes and glues are used throughout. The Il Bussetto craftsmen use an ancient Italian technique which allows for production without using any kind of seams. Each item starts out color-less - It is then shaped by hand and hand painted with natural tinctures. The coloring is absorbed by the hide in varying shades thus giving each product its individual transparency and sheen. The Il Bussestto range offers a unique look....minimal, richly hued and of stunning quality. The color palette is rich and sumptuous - gorgeous jewel tones and natural shades.

The name "bussetto” refers to an instrument which is used by craftsmen to polish cuoio leather.

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Le Yuccas

Shoe label Le Yucca's, the conception of Yucca Murase, brings this Japanese designer’s singular, overtly modern style to life via time-honored, traditional Italian manufacture in the city of Bologna, Italy. Each stage of production, from choice of material through to final finishing, is carefully considered by Yucca and her team, with particular thought given to how each element of the process may help give the shoe a unique and particular character.

Given the beauty of her designs, one may be surprised to learn that Yucca’s first experiences of shoe design, back in the early ‘80s, were in the technical field, where she worked for Nike, Dunlop and Bridgestone among others. By 1989 she had opened her own studio in Italy and was now honing her skills by working for such labels as Vivienne Westwood and Gianfranco Ferré; a stark contrast to the functional emphasis of her previous employers. Yet Yucca came to draw on all of her wide-ranging experience when she finally launched her Le Yucca ladies collection in 2000, followed by a men’s line in 2003. Both are proudly hand-crafted at Bologna's prestigious Enzo Bonafé factory.

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lotuff leather

Based in New England, Lotuff Leather set out with one goal in mind: perfection. From the highest quality vegetable-tanned leather to the meticulous design process, one might say that their timeless bags, briefcases and accessories have achieved just that. Utilizing all-natural, uncorrected leather and a time-consuming cutting process, Lotuff employs maximum effort for the finest end result. From the largest carryall totes to the smallest credit card cases, Lotuff Leather spares no expense in craftsmanship and quality. With a vision that encompasses lasting value and a passion for excellence, every piece by Lotuff Leather is guaranteed to be an instant classic.

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The Martiniano shoe colection is handcrafted in Argentina and designed by Martiniano Lopez Crozet. Using time-honored techniques and quality materials, Buenos Aires artisans cut, skive, stitch and sew each shoe by hand. The shoes are made of 100% leather including stacked heels and soles. Fine Italian kid leather is used in a wide range of colors for the upper and insoles.

For sixteen years, Martiniano Lopez Crozet has been half of Los Super Elegantes, a collaborative performance art duo that mixed music, theater and fashion. Los Super Elegantes were included in the 2004 Whitney Biennial and the 2008 Sao Paulo Biennial and have been featured in Artforum, V magazine, Interview, L’Officiel Homme, Greek Vogue, Italian Rolling Stone, Vogue Fashion Rocks and French Elle among many other international publications.

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Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Originally from Iran, Maryam Nassir Zadeh grew up in Los Angeles, graduating from Rhode Island School of Design before moving back to LA to design her namesake ready to wear collection from 2002 to 2007. Nassir Zadeh then moved to New York to receive an associate’s degree in Fashion Studies at Parsons in 2006, before opening her designer boutique in the Lower East Side with her husband Uday Kak in 2008.

Launching her ready to wear and footwear collection in Spring 2013 Maryam Nassir Zadeh's namesake collection is based on her life as a mother and career woman. Nassir Zadeh draws inspiration from her international perspective as an Iranian born, American raised woman with family in India and Mexico and her inherent love of world travel. The origin of her vision when designing is the profound connectivity of it all. Design connects the balance of energy and patience used in the many expressive roles she takes on.

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meli melo

Designer Melissa Del Bono established meli melo in April 2005 in the UK and headquartered in London. Recalling her time living in Aeolian Islands, Melissa describes how her early obsession with bags began with one bag in particular - "It was a huge wicker basket and I took it everywhere. We were inseparable! I would find any excuse to take it out with me. I just wanted something pretty to carry on my arm like the ladies in the villages would do." A passion for vintage continues for Melissa as she continually looks backward for her inspiration, "The past is a great source of inspiration for me. Take the wicker basket bags for example in the past they were used as feeding bowls for horses to eat from while they were on the move."

Meli Melo from the outset has developed a strong brand cache and international recognition. The mission of the brand is to create versatile, desirable, stylish yet subtle handbags, which are led by strong design. Luxury leather and the distinct shapes, sculptural yet understated, Meli Melo bags blend day and evening. Chic and practical. The first ever Meli Melo bag - the “B.B. Bag” featured a set of unique patented inverted handles which sought to revolutionize the concept of how to carry your bag. The B.B Bag evolved in ten years to become the infamous Thela Bag, which has now become a worldwide phenomenon and the most popular style.

The list of celebrities who have been known to carry Meli Melo is extensive; from Olivia Palermo to Kate Middleton, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, Margherita Missoni, Poppy Delavigne, Kate Moss, Nicole Ritchie to Danni Minogue, Meli Melo naturally appeals to a number of different demographic groups though - not just celebrities. The Thela Bag continues to be the most popular, practical bag in the collection. It’s sleek trapeze shape - inverted handles offer the market something original and effortless for everyday.

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Mismo is the ultimate personal companion to the urban sophisticate. Whether Mismo is in your hand or your pocket, it’s always on the move, protecting your valuable personal belongings and facing the myriad challenges of a vibrant lifestyle. Mismo supports and accentuates individual style and personal expression across the spectrum, from laid-back to sophisticated.

Mismo represents straightforward, functional and durable design that showcases only what is strictly necessary - nothing more, nothing less. Behind these products is the philosophy that real luxury arises from the choices made - about what to subtract, and what should remain. The tactile qualities of the materials. And in the synergy created between aesthetics and function.

Firmly based in the Danish design tradition and appreciation for the values of classic craftsmanship, Mismo unites natural materials with simple yet refined details to create products of true style. Leather constitutes the backbone of our design, and only the best materials of premium quality are used. In Mismo bags, functionality and detail are meticulously harmonized with versatility and durability to strike exactly the right balance.

Mismo signifies contemporary chic that is rooted in the virtues of classic design. Mismo is the style-savvy choice with a unique patina that only grows more resplendent with the passage of time.

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Onesixone is inspired by Fibonacciʼs series of numbers known as the golden ratio. These three numbers attribute an aesthetic character to objects that use this proportion in their design. Some even believe this ratio carries a mystical importance as throughout history it has been included in the design of important works of architecture and art. The golden ratio is synonymous with balance, harmony and beauty because of its sound, its emotional charge, and its visual and graphic balance. Onesixone's aim is to create a global niche brand of luxury handbags - a unique, personalized collection whose outer embellishment/design is brought to life by a different artist each season. Each bag becomes a mirror of the artistʼs mind, his ideas, his experiences and how he understands the philosophy of the brand. Season one begins with the work of the contemporary Spanish painter Vicky Uslé who resides in both NYC and Saro, Spain.

Only 161 numbered units of each Onesixone style are produced each season, made by hand using centuries-old Spanish bag making traditions.

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Oyuna has deep ties to the cashmere of Mongolia, birthplace of creative director Oyuna Tserendorj who founded the label in 2002. Unique in the world of contemporary cashmere, this connection has grown only stronger as Oyuna has advanced her work through sojourns in Hungary and Paris. Now settled in London, she works with an international team sharing the desire to truly push the boundaries of cashmere product.

A nomadic sense of adventure is present in everything Oyuna crafts, influenced as much by the restless creativity of London as with the wild roots of Mongolian cashmere. Progressive while still mindful of the material’s natural qualities, each piece is resolutely uncompromising in its execution: softly rendered luxury forged for a hard-wearing lifestyle.

Oyuna sources almost every fiber from Mongolia, one of cashmere’s most ancient provenances, where for millennia it has been prized as an ultra-soft defense against some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain. At Roztayger we regard it as equally beneficial for the cold city streets.

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pb 0110

The unique aroma of vegetable-tanned natural leather hides and the robust feel of bales of linen are among PB 0110 founder Philipp Bree’s earliest memories. In 1970, the year before he was born, his parents founded the BREE bag company with production initially took place in the family living room. In 1998 Philipp and his brother took over management of the now globally acclaimed family firm, and in 2013 he debuted his own, eponymous PB 0110 (the digits signify his birth date) line in Berlin and Paris.

Philipp Bree believes passionately in the significance of beloved objects; in things which develop character through daily use and so become essential companions over time. In keeping with this philosophy PB 0110 produces bags and accessories using materials that possess such qualities: vegetable-tanned natural leather, pure linen and brass. PB 0110‘s exquisite bags and accessories are conceived by a small team of hand-picked designers (the initials in each product name refer to the designer), then crafted by revered European manufacturers boasting generations of expertise.

"Twenty-five years ago my father gave me a travel bag of natural leather,” recalls Philipp. “I still carry it to this day and have learned to treasure it, just as one might care for a wonderful object that grows close to their hearts and accompanies them throughout the years. It is for this reason that I founded PB 0110."

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Petite Maison Christiane

Founded by Holland-born Christiane Smit, Petite Maison Christiane is a budding label that focuses on the creation of leather bags which are the perfect synthesis of function and elegance. After spending most of her childhood on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, exploring the black sand beaches and tropical forests, drawing and painting everything that surrounded her, she traveled with her parents in Central America, marvelling at the richness of textile arts and other crafts displayed in tiny shops and stalls on the streets. As an adult she explored many towns and cities of Europe, collecting impressions before attending Saint Martins of London, where she focused her attention primarily on design and art history. She also worked in high-end fashion and jewellery houses, visiting Paris and Milan frequently, strongly influenced by the great Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto.

A collection of distinctive pieces, each is individually crafted to Christiane’s exacting standards, and she adamantly uses no machines in any aspect of her work. Beginning with her personal selection of only the best quality skins, and using simple, organic shapes, she performs each part of the process by hand — using a stitching technique of her own invention, with exquisite attention to even the finest detail. The dedicated result is a sophisticated, singular piece that reflects not only Christiane’s strong aesthetic, but also her sensitivity to the individual who will carry the bag.

Christiane now spends her time between Amsterdam and a Cycladic island in the Aegean sea where the wave and wind-sculpted rocks, colours of the sea, and the legendary light of the Mediterranean continue to inspire a brand with which Christiane is holistically engaged to and uniquely devoted.

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A bit of background on Porter: Kichizo Yoshida founded the company in 1918 in Tokyo and continued with bag manufacturing until he was 88 years old. Central to their identity and continuing to this day the corporate logo is “heart and soul into every stitch – We believe Japanese craftsmen’s skills are No. 1 in the world. “ Porter goods continue to be designed and made in Japan and the impeccable quality and design sense confirms this. Today Yoshida's 2nd son runs the business while the leaders of the design team Susumu Hasegawa (orginally from Comme des Garcons) and Ko Kuwhahata "continue the theme of integrity - integrating the cutting edge of the times.” The line is vast with many styles and divisions. The Tanker, Smoky, Dual and Heat collection shown here at roztayger are among those that have been the most popular over time with the Porter following.

In English, Porter means “a person employed to carry luggage and supplies”. In French, Porter is a verb, meaning “to carry” and “prêt-a-porter” means “ready-to-wear” or fashionable outfits. The synergy at such levels of its meaning makes Porter an apt name for the collection.

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Rosanne Pugliese

Rosanne's passion for jewelry making started in the midst of a career in the fashion world. She was greatly influenced while designing for Calvin Klein, honing her eye for choosing luxurious, sensuous materials and using them in clean, modern and sculptural forms.
While still inspired by the modern design movement, she claims her best ideas come from spending time at the workbench combining the metal and gems until finding that balance of lightness and fluidity that she wants the jewelry to convey.

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Founded in 2009 by Samu-Jussi Koski, the former creative director of Marimekko textile house, Samuji is a women's clothing and accessories line designed by the namesake creative studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The Samuji accessories collection featured at roztayger is permanent and timeless and not based on seasonal fluctuations. Samuji's ambition is to produce timeless and sustainable design that serves a purpose yet tells a story. All items are crafted from premium quality materials from European and Japanese suppliers, produced in Europe by carefully chosen manufacturers who insist on utilizing the highest quality standards in their work.

Samuji graces the racks and shelves of some of the most distinguished fashion, concept and department stores around the world, from New York to Tokyo to London, and has been widely covered in leading international publications including Vogue Italia, Vogue Nippon, Monocle, WWD and Wallpaper.

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satomi kawakita

Born and raised in Japan but now NYC-based, Satomi Kawakita is steadily making a name for herself as a jewelry designer and diamond setter. Strongly influenced by her dressmaker mother, while growing up Satomi was fascinated by design and absorbed in creating things for herself. This passion led her Kyoto’s Saga Art College where she studied wood, metal, clay and textile design-creation. While a student she became enchanted by the art of glass blowing and after graduation worked under glass artist Takeshi Tsujino.

Subsequently she taught herself how to create glass bead-based jewelry, and in 2008 established her ‘Satomi Kawakita Jewelry’ line which was quickly taken on by stores all over Japan. Satomi’s work combines a delicate and distinctive, very organic sense of beauty with impeccable craftsmanship. She deeply appreciates the mystique and infinite beauty to be found in natural gems, minerals and metals, and resolutely aspires to turn these materials into wearable pieces of jewelry.

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Schnayderman’s (meaning ‘tailor-man’) was founded by a small group of people based in Stockholm and New York, with the ambition of creating a crisp, handcrafted wardrobe available to all. From humble beginnings is a former Stockholm grocery store, the label has grown to find acclaim worldwide while remaining small enough to ensure that design, quality and detail are subject to an unwavering eye.

From humble beginnings as a former Stockholm grocery store, the label has grown to find acclaim worldwide while remaining small enough to ensure that design, quality and each detail, is subject to an unwavering eye.

Inspired by the way that wearing a particular shirt can inspire us to rise to the occasion and find our inner strength, as well as the more prosaic fact that quality shirting can at times be surprisingly hard to find today, Schnayderman’s keeps things simple for the customer by offering three lines. Each respectively based upon a single contemporary cut: once you know your size, you can purchase off the shelf in confidence.

The three lines are Formal, Leisure and Classic Oxford, offering a wide choice of fine fabrics and classic colors, with only the highest quality materials used throughout. Schnayderman’s are button-down kind of guys, sticking exclusively to mother of pearl buttons.

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Sophie Anderson

Born in Kuwait and raised in Oman, Sophie Anderson’s international childhood exposed her to a wealth of color, materials and traditional skills. These provided her with the taste and inspiration for sourcing, adapting and styling the unusual. It was during her time living in South America with her husband and 2 young daughters that the Sophie Anderson collection was officially born. Launched in October 2011, the collection is a fusion of vibrant colors and designs, comprised of hand woven bags, based on the traditional South American ‘mochila’ design, as well as vibrant clutches and graphic totes. Sophie sources traditional South American designs - working together with the local indigenous tribeswomen and artists, adapts the color and style according to her eclectic eye. Each piece is a combination of modern and antique designs incorporated into a variety of materials and textiles. This season she introduces a complimentary tribal inspired, Italian leather laser totes, adding an extra layer of texture to the mix.

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southern field industries

Southern Field Industries is situated amid hills in Japan’s Saitama region, where in a small workplace husband-and-wife team Manabu and Keiko Okada, together with a few kindred spirits, design and create canvas bags and accessories that are functional, cleanly designed and plenty durable enough for the rough and tumble of both urban and outdoor life.

Throughly dedicated to the process from start to finish, natural inspiration is never in short supply as the team works with a view out over the fields that gave the label its name. Close attention is paid to even the most minute detailing, with Manabu drawing upon the expertise and craftsmanship he amassed while working for his father’s equestrian goods company prior to founding Southern Field Industries in 2008. Old faithful tools and sewing machines from his father’s former factory are now in service in the SFI workshop.

Products to cherish for the work that has gone into them and the way that they become sidekicks in daily life, for fall-winter ’14 we present our favorite SFI bags including collection staples and the new ‘PX’ line.

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Steve Mono

Steve Mono is a contemporary Spanish brand founded in 2007 with the aim of reinterpreting classic bags, accessories, and other small leather goods for a modern lifestyle. Influenced by travel, work culture, utility, movies, their own Spanish heritage and appreciation for the old, they continue to focus on designing essential items for every day and every journey. Each collection is timeless, functional and sustainable. Made in Spain with every step from tanning to packaging carried out entirely in-house, an artisanal construction process combines with the overarching design philosophy to create items that become more uniquely personal with the passage of time.

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Tsatsas equals clarity and quality in design, materials used, and the way they are treated. The German-based label takes a singular approach to luxury that is immediately perceivable; something that can be felt and seen straight away. Elegant and possessing a cutting-edge contemporary feel, the collection is modish yet stands entirely apart from fleeting trends.

Handcrafted in Germany with the greatest care and precision, each Tsatsas design serves to heighten the natural beauty and purity of leather as a material. Cut, design and proportion come together to create the clarity and simplicity of the bags, with a key focus of the design process being the search for a perfect balance of function, aesthetics and execution.

Tsatsas was established by Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas in 2012, with Dimitrios’ family having a long tradition of leather working. His father’s atelier, located in the German city of Offenbach am Main, has been producing fine leather goods for more than three decades.

Although very much influenced by traditional ways of working, Dimitrios Tsatsas soon came to find the repertoire of classical craftwork too limited. Subsequently choosing to study industrial design, he then worked as a creative director in the design field for ten years. Esther Schulze-Tsatsas studied architecture and was then, for a lengthy period, responsible for the production of major design events.

Through an intensive analysis of design, fashion and art, Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas have together developed a real feel for the design vocabulary of our times, with their designs evincing both an eye for fine detail and a sensitivity to the interaction between shape and material. With the establishment of the Tsatsas label and the decision to combine craftwork with design, the two have returned to their family roots.

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