about roztayger

About Roztayger

Roztayger is an online shopping destination offering a comprehensive, meticulously selected range of men’s and women’s bags, accessories and apparel basics all with the discriminating, frequent-flying modern professional in mind. Our brand lineup includes established names, but with a particular focus upon harder to find labels both domestic and from further afield.

Via her own frequent globe-trotting, founder-curator Elizabeth Jeffer found herself encountering both lesser-known brands with exceptional design and no-compromise production values, and fellow travelers with discerning taste yet little time to scour the world (or web) for such labels.

Thus inspired to bring the two together by way of an online store, tireless buying expeditions enable Elizabeth to bring into play a fine eye for aesthetics nurtured from childhood and subsequently through majoring in art history at UC Berkeley.

“Since the beginning of my fashion career two decades back,” she says, “I’ve always been drawn more to smaller, independent-minded designers that don’t follow trends or forecasts but rather draw upon ideas that have come before while applying their own vision and innovation… what results is timeless, beautiful and infinitely useful.”

And the name: 'Roztayger’ is a tribute to the grace, style and artistic spirit of Elizabeth’s grandmother Rosalind Tiger.

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