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What’s your bag ?  Is it working ?

September 18 2011

For men and women in modern day society the bag is a vessel which takes on a primary role. it contains key elements for use in our hectic lives: it encloses important aspects of our financial life, our identification, entry to our homes, our mobile connectivity, our work lives, our family lives, our calendars, our mental and physical health necessities (from very serious items like epi-pens to say... lipstick or a mid-day power snack)

That which is enclosed in our "" vessels is crucial to facilitating a smooth and efficient day. Not only do we need fast, easy access to key items, we need organizational features. There is nothing like the gut-wrenching and pulse-enhancing panic you feel when you reach into your bag and cannot find your wallet or keys. I have experienced many of these moments over the course of my bag-carrying life. I also place great importance on carrying an aesthetically pleasing bag – one that reflects who I am in a design sense and that can transition to a variety of settings - a bag I won’t hate, for example, in 3 years. I don’t mind spending a bit more for quality, subtle details, and good design. Given that, I don’t want to spend a premium for a designer name brand or a logo or which precedes the bag itself and takes on a whole other complicated, psychological function. I like bags that fit and reflect me effortlessly. With the launch of roztayger I am hoping to connect with like-minded consumers. The truth is I get a distinct pleasure from connecting people with good designers that deserve merit and outstanding products that make our lives easier and more pleasurable. In essence, that's why I created the roztayger site.

What does your bag mean to you ? Does it serve you well ? What are you looking for in a bag or inside of a bag that you are not finding in the world ? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

thanks so much for checking us out.



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