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My Love Affair with ro Bags and the Passing of Steve Jobs…

October 18 2011

Steve Jobs passed away on the day launched. I must say this was very strange and ironic for me. While I was excited to be finally showcasing designs I love and finally bringing to fruition my own creation, I was also sad that such an amazing and inspiring person had passed away. I spent some time reading quotes of his in the days after - some of which related to design. Many things he had said resonated with me and paralleled my own feelings/intuitions as to what makes good design . One writer said “He put stock in the notion of taste. He took complex, innovative technology and made it elegant, simple and incredibly functional. “ ... Clearly he felt the most beautiful things are the simplest and from a design sense the goal should be to strip away the excess until you get to the essence of what’s necessary - only then does it become beautiful.
Its true when I look at something: whether it’s a bag, a painting, or a building - it can either offend me visually, do nothing for me - any variety of things… OR something clicks and looking at it is easeful and pleasant. There is something about simplicity, beautiful colors, and linear elegance that I relish immensely. My hope is that this feeling/essence of simplicity and clean aesthetics is conveyed thru the roztayger site and products I have chosen. This brings me to the topic of ro bags and the title of this blog. For the 10 years since the ro collection came into being I have felt a visceral connection to the product line and the people behind it. As such, it was a natural evolution that I had became the US sales rep for ro and had seen it evolve and slowly build a following of clients here over the past decade. While they have a large following in Asia and to some extent Europe, it has been a slower build here in the US. It is my hope to service some of those US based ro fans who have little opportunity to buy or see the ro collection online or otherwise.
BTW - The photo at the top shows a pink saffiano leather ro bag from the very first collection Yvonne Roe did. Its from my “museum of ro bags.” I’ll never give it up. Its timeless, cool, modern and PINK. Even my 8 year daughter Sofia covets it but she’ll have to wrestle me for it. ☺


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