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My Recurring Nightmare:  I Lose my Clingy Wallet and ro Bag…

November 07 2011

It’s the oddest thing: Whenever I am stressed the same dream recurs – the setting might vary but the theme is the same. Last night I dreamt I was walking around on vacation, shopping, and I somehow lost my handbag. The fact that this recurring dream is one of the worst scenarios my subconscious can drum up is somewhat telling of the modern day neurosis. My mind immediately panics thinking: ALL those credit cards, my precious Iphone and the info in it !!! ALL that time spent online at the DMV to replace my license– ALL my favorite makeup…!!! Some people dream they fall off a bridge, some dream of horrific health scares or losing their job or their high school rejection/crush comes back to haunt them….but me ? I dream of the lost bag and wallet. Am I alone in this ? Is this just the modern reality of living in the 21st century ? Surely we have bigger things to worry about ? Does this shed light on my choice of career ? Anyone else care to share a similar and/or recurring anxiety provoking dream ?


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