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Picking a Murse for your Guy

May 10 2012

With Father’s Day coming up its seems timely to discuss buying bags for men. There is no doubt men and women view fashion differently. Men wear clothes, women delight in them. Men target and buy clothing and women shop for it. The same goes for bags. Women often view handbags as an extension of their personality. It’s an accessory that’s as fun as fashion itself. But that doesn’t mean that men don’t care about the bag they carry. With the rise of the term “man bag” and “murse” we know this is no longer true. Men want to have fun with their accessories just like women do….choosing a cool bag is one way that every man can get in the style game.

For men, bags are generally about function first and style is secondary. Of course that doesn’t mean style is necessarily a second thought. Today’s man often wants both. Fortunately, men have just as many options as women do these days in terms of bag styles and functionality. The key is finding the bag with the right combination of both.

The perfect men’s bag should have the following aspects:

• Minimal styling resulting in a no-fuss look
• Functionality with the appropriate amount of pockets and storage space
• Be constructed of sturdy, handsome material - think leather, nylon or twill

Beyond that, individual style comes into play. In much the same way a woman buys a bag that fits her personality and wardrobe, men should give the same thought to choosing the bag that fits their specific needs. Consider where the bag will be used. Is it to haul a laptop to the local café Wi-Fi hotspot or to the executive headquarters of a large corporation? Is the bag a necessity for daily use or an occasional convenience? It’s important to match the bag to the occasion as well. Clearly a formal leather bag will be more appropriate and create the right impact when carried to an executive meeting than a twill or canvas bag would for instance.

The roztayger collection offeres a variety of bags carefully curated to fit any man’s style. A few of my favorites include the Large Field Bag by Archival for its casual rough-hewn appearance and elegant, pared down silhouette. On the more serious side the Triumph Brief by Bill Amberg fits the bill for its more formal appeal. For a bag that is timeless, incredibly modern and built like a tank the Japanese made Heat Messenger Bag by Porter might do the trick

If you need further assistance in finding that perfect bag to fit your man’s style and/or functional needs don’t hesitate to send me an email or call me. I’m always available to chat or discuss your thoughts.


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