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Featuring the Spanish Craftmanship of Bonastre

October 19 2012

Elegant and Simple.
Bonastre - for Travel and Business.


Roztayger is incredibly excited to be the first retailer showcasing the Bonastre collection this fall in the US. First a bit about Fernando: While Paris is now his home, Fernando Bonastre de Celis is originally from Madrid, Spain. After graduating from Fashion School there he relocated to Paris to begin his career in design. He worked in design and marketing/branding for both Christian Lacroix and Claude Montana before going out on his own. While he still resides in Paris, all the goods are made in Spain using latter day Spanish artisanal techniques.

Though Fernando conceived of Bonastre in 2011 as a men’s line, the collection is clearly gender neutral. Each piece is handmade using all natural materials and techniques – the end products are at once tactile and visual – a sensory delight on many levels. Yes, the pieces are functional, but at the end of the day their impact lies in their appeal to your senses. You want one because you want to hold it, feel it, smell it (yes, they smell amazing) and marvel at its stand-alone sculptural beauty. Among other things, Fernando cites being influenced by the creative process of minimalist architects like Oscar Niemeyer and Tadao Ando. Now a few of my personal favorites:

ipad sleeve by bonastre

This iPad sleeve is sleek and functional. Made from vegetable tanned leathers with understated monochromatic chic painted edges, nothing is excessive about this design. A very ingenious client of mine bought one and uses it as a clutch. Love that idea.

Bonastre iPad Sleeve

Click image to buy this iPad Sleeve.

messenger bag by bonastre

The Messenger Bag is the epitome of unisex modern elegance. Using a minimal amount of hardware (Italian Alce hardware and Raccagni zippers) allows Fernando to achieve its pure, distilled look. This bag was one of the first to fly out of my stockroom. (I have one left for fall and more in black coming for spring.)

Bonastre Messenger Bag

Click image to buy this bag.

24 hours bag by bonastre

The 24 Hours Bag showcases architectural simplicity and modern elegance in travel. Using the highest quality vegetable tanned leathers and painted edges. Nothing is over-designed and the look is pristine. I could just stare at this bag for days.

Bonastre 24 Hours Bag

Click image to buy this bag.

When you hold a Bonastre bag in your hands, you see the pride and aesthetics of Spanish craftsmanship. And while most tanners use chromium during the tanning process (which is highly toxic), this eco-friendly collection has been exclusively handcrafted in the ancient tradition of using oak bark and olive oil finishing on non-treated natural cattle hides – one of the many reasons why roztayger chose to bring this line to you.


Elizabeth Jeffer



Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods.

Handbags, Totes, and Fashion Accessories – A Memoir of My Obsession

October 12 2012

I guess you might say it began in 1970 in Southern California with Barbie (and Ken). I have a distinct recollection of being obsessed with Barbie and her clothes/accessories starting at age 7 or so. Being an only child of parents who did not sit on the floor and play at any cost (now I am that parent), I had only myself to amuse. And my, my - those lovely ladies did have a lot of clothes… (and a few plastic horses – poor Ken had only one outfit)... I recall the endless pretend play options… I imagine this to be the first phase of my design and “prettify” compulsion.

[caption id="attachment_231" align="alignright" width="200"] Barbie with her Margot Bag by Yadouga. Click on Barbie to buy this bag.[/caption]

early influence

Later in 2nd grade I met my best friend, Tracy Fong. Her family was very arts and design oriented and, after a number of play dates and sleepovers, I found myself indelibly affected by their uniquely contemporary vision. Tracy’s father was (and still is) an architect and designed the incredible streamlined, modern houses they lived in. I’m pretty sure this is where my love of minimalism and clean lines came into play.

high school and college

In high school, during my “wild teenager rebellion” years, I fell into the musical “retro mod movement” – a tad silly to me in retrospect, but along with the trips to Hollywood to see The Untouchables, I had to (of course) look the part. I began to shop in thrift stores for 60’s inspired shifts and go-go boots (clean, white, minimal styling)… I wore highly flattering shimmery white lipstick and dyed my hair black…oh yes, stylishly mod – my early attempt at chic. smile

Next chapter: off to college where I end up studying art history which again played to my obsession with the balance of beauty and form and harmony… Good design really is like a beautiful painting. It’s a play of color, form, finding the balance and what appeals to your eye. After college, I managed various local niche boutiques where I honed in on what I found to be quality that was “worth it” – beautiful materials in timeless shapes always caught my eye first – never the mass market corporate products or the logo driven upper echelon. I guess roztayger is a culmination of all these influences and obsessions.

why the focus on fine crafted handbags and accessories?

I love all aspects of fashion and hope to expand to other categories one day with the same theme of quality and versatility... but, there is something about a beautiful bag or small good that goes inside the bag. These are key items that organize and transport some of your crucial life components. Whether it’s a small Pouty Cross Body made in luxurious soft Italian leather by 49 Square Miles or a durable, handmade Belmont Messenger by HYPE English Luggage, your bag can make a basic outfit chic and unique and can make your life more efficient and enjoyable in some ways. In addition, your choice of what you carry has the ability to say something about who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world.

My compulsion to clean, organize and arrange in harmony has led to the curated nature of the roztayger collection. I find the pleasing arrangement of these pieces on a screen soothing. While my dream had always been to do a physical store, this is a timely first step. Oddly, my favorite part about retail is talking to the clients so, in a way, the internet modality has distanced me from that aspect of my vision. On that note, feel free to call me directly (I implore you) at any time to discuss a possible mutual obsession.


Elizabeth Jeffer




Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods.

Clare Vivier selection – chic and simple fine crafted design

October 05 2012

Since 2008, Clare Vivier has been known for blending simplicity with color while maintaining a sense of chic. What I love most about this designer is that she has clean lines, color sensibility, and elegance even down to the detail of having well-crafted zipper pulls. I have chosen the following as this season’s must-haves.

messenger bag

This is a classic bag with a bit of a funky edge. The beautiful and rich navy leather makes it timeless and chic. An interior small pouch can hold those little extra needs like lipstick or cards. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can wear it cross-body.

Clare Vivier messenger bag Clare Vivier messenger bag

Click image to buy this bag


large flat clutch

This single compartment pewter colored clutch has a top zip closure with a gold Clare Vivier toggle. Pewter is a marvelous color for the fall and provides a sparkly addition to any evening attire.

Clare Vivier large flat clutch

Click image to buy this clutch


oversized leopard clutch

Cover your laptop with this oversized clutch. You get a tactile experience as you feel the Italian hair calf. Just like the pewter colored clutch above, this oversized pouch doubles as clutch when you fold it over.

Clare Vivier oversized leopard clutch Clare Vivier oversized leopard clutch

Click image to buy this clutch

cartable tote

This chic and simple bag has a single main compartment and magnetic snap button closure. The port color is perfect for fall and can be easily paired with other fall hues.

Clare Vivier cartable tote Clare Vivier cartable tote

Click image to buy this tote

When you are looking for fine crafted handbags that merge simplicity and color with a big splash of chic, think of Clare Vivier designs. You can say that she has a certain minimalist glamour and that’s what makes her designs fit right in with the Roztayger philosophy of simplicity, quality and timeless style.






Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods.



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