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Love Affair with Bags - Guest Post by Jenn

January 31 2013

Recently, I asked some of my most ardent roztayger followers to submit a blog post about their "love affair with bags." I just received this one from Jenn Strauss of PA and it made me smile big time so I had to share it immediately. It is well written, honest, charming, intelligent and relatable. I immediately saw so much of myself in this. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your "passionate bag journey," Jenn. I hope to receive more of these stories...hint hint.


For those of us who make New Year's resolutions, January is the month to see if we follow them and/or still find them something to work toward. I am one of those persons who has between 1-5 resolutions every year…some I am still working on from 2010!! This year was no different. In prioritizing my resolutions, one of the top two is to watch my handbag spending in 2013. (I said ‘watch’…not stop!)

Handbags have been a love of mine since I was a little girl. I was lucky to have a gifted-sewing mother and grandmother who made me many handbags that I have treasured away for my daughter. Through the years with body image issues, relationship curves, and maybe a little addiction, handbags have always been a part of who I am! My husband can hear a song from 1990 and state what he was doing when he first heard the song…I have a story with every handbag I own! He can name a song within a few seconds and I can spots handbag brands (and fakes) quickly. As I get wiser (not older), I am drawn to the need for uniqueness and high quality in a bag, which drew me to rotzayger last year.

As life gets more hectic with working full time and keeping up with two children (3 and 5 years old), I have found the need to focus on less items, but greater quality. When my daughter was born, I decided I was going to purchase and only wear diamond stud earrings…and I did, and still do! When my son was born, I found the need to limit my costume bracelets and necklaces. Now… I only wear variations of vintage and modern pearls. With our decision that ‘two is enough’ and their activities taking over any free time that we have, I have decided to really think about future handbag choices. As much as I like (AND STILL DO) change handbags every day, there are times where having just a few really nice handbags that are carried for weeks or months at a time is very appealing. There are even days where I have three handbag changes in a day (work bag, casual outing bag, and an actual date night bag), so one handbag for more than a week is very, very rare!

So, this year I am going to ‘think’ seriously about a handbag before purchasing it. I WILL be purchasing handbags, but maybe

  • not as many,

  • not just because they are ‘fun’,

  • not because they are on sale and I have some money to ‘burn’,

  • not as a way to ‘get back’ at husband who will see the FedEx or UPS truck deliver a box that he knows is a handbag,

  • not simply by brand (consider design and material quality).

Although I purchased at least five handbags from rotzayger last year, I will continue to peruse the site and make purchases because I can find unique, professional, fun, large, and quality bags. Currently, I have been ‘stalking’ the flea bag for weekends and children’s activities (soccer, tennis and dance).

[caption id="attachment_928" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Roztayger Vintage inspired Original Saddle Vintage-inspired Original Saddle[/caption]

I am also hoping my husband will purchase this 49 square miles leopard wallet for my birthday…so LOVE animal print and it is a classic!

[caption id="attachment_935" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Roztayger 49 Square Miles Leopard Wallet Leopard Wallet by 49 Square Miles[/caption]

I will share with you one of my FAVORITE bags and one that I would take if there was going to be a flood or had to leave the house with what I could carry in my hands…the yasmin tote. This was my first purchase from rotzayger!!!!

Roztayger Yasmin Tote by Ro Black Python Yasmin Tote by Ro

I will check in again to let you know my progress. So far this year, I have purchased and kept (one bag)…okay, but I ordered five and returned four of them!!!! Practice will make perfect…and remember I said I am going to ‘think’ about my handbag purchases…not STOP!!!!!


We couldn't agree with you more, Jenn. Thanks for sharing your passion with us.


Elizabeth Jeffer

Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods.


Roztayger Spring 2013 Highlights

January 18 2013

Strange as it may seem, the fall season is closing out and I am gearing up to receive exciting new Spring 2013 merchandise at roztayger. I am prepping myself mentally with my “daily meditation app” to avert being overwhelmed with unpacking, shooting, writing, loading, etc. As I struggle to get all my ducks in a row, I thought I’d reach out and share a few highlights of new collections heading our way.

defy bags

The founders of this company (based in Chicago) wear their bag-making passion on their sleeves, and I love this. They live and breathe the art of modern day sustainable bag making while they continually strive to perfect their designs. These pieces work for men or women who like a lifestyle bag that is heartily built, sleek and graphically unique. (yikes, that rhymes!) They use sustainable materials and make everything in-house. Simple, clean lined and sturdy with just the right amount of hip edginess. They use color, but not in a loud, flashy way…It's just enough – always grounded in black. Due in end of January.

Roztayger Defy Redacted Bag Defy Redacted Bag


A collection out of Sweden shows the best of what Northern European minimalist design can do. It’s at once urban, clean, elegant and uncomplicated. Materials used are natural canvas with veggie dyed leather trims. Look for messengers, dopp kits, weekenders and laptop sleeves to hit around mid-February.

Roztayger Khaki Carl Gustaf by Sandqvist Sandqvist Khaki Carl Gustaf Bag

unit portables

A new unisex collection, also out of Sweden, bases their designs and mission on the new reality of modern living - that because we carry so much technology around in its various shapes and forms, we need compartments that are separate to keep these items easily accessible and protected. Minimal design meets compartmentalized add-ons. Each shoulder bag, for example, comes with two extra pouches that attach to the main bag and can be used for cords, phones, etc. The travel bag also comes with a laptop sleeve case, mesh toiletry bag and a third bag for cables. Due in end of January.

Roztayger Unit Portable Green Unit Portable Green Bag

meli melo

Hand finished and made in Spain using Italian leather, this UK-based company has a strong fashionista following. For the first season with them, I bought 3 versions of their eponymous Thela bag in neutral colors. I chose the Thela because it’s the most timeless, classical silhouette and because it's a worthwhile investment piece that can function as a staple – one that you keep coming back to year after year. The Thela is the perfect lady-like classical bag that has a touch of fashion, but is not “trying too hard.” It conveys laid back elegance. Look for these great working or playing totes to come in classic taupe, tan and a shot of mandarin orange. Due in early March.


Roztayger Meli Melo Tan Thela Bag Meli Melo Tan Thela Bag

lovell designs

A design firm based out of Canada, they do small production runs of canvas goods using modern prints in interesting, non-primary colors. The chevron print continues to be an easy pattern to integrate into a wardrobe with its 2-color setup and sharp angles. Look for totes and toiletry bags to come out in February.

Roztayger Lovell Designs Tote with Chevron Pattern Lovell Designs Tote


I am expanding the Yoshida Ya Porter offerings by adding some pieces from the “Jam” collection in March. The coated canvas tote below will come in both black and white and will be accompanied by a backpack. (Porter is not big on color, although the upside is it's never dated.) I will also be adding more styles in the “Heat” collection including a 3-way briefcase. There will also be some brief and tote styles from the “Smoky” and “Dual” fabrication. I heard over the past year from many of you that you wish you could find more Porter variety in the US. I hope that I picked some viable options for you Porter enthusiasts. These pieces are due to arrive in late January and in March.

Roztayger Porter Jam Tote in White Porter Jam Tote


As the business grows and I learn what works and does not with my audience, the collections will ebb and flow. I hope you like some of the new offerings. Always feel free to reach out to me directly. I enjoy the feedback.


Roz_elizabeth signature222

Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a carefully curated selection of men's and women's handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and other small goods that exceed expectations for quality, style and design. The mission at roztayger is to simplify your search by creating a one-stop shopping experience for well-made, versatile and timeless accessories for work, travel, and life.


The Frrry Collection: Beyond Seasons and Trends

January 11 2013

The Frrry Collection (pronounced ferry) is about following a personal narrative rather than following seasons and trends. Designer Ferry Cornelis Gerardus Meewisse is always on a tireless search for newer and better materials, unique and durable construction, and it has to be done in a sustainable way.

Frrry is a small company where bags are made with great attention and care. After passing the exams for 3D Design at the Arnhem Academy of Arts in 2002, designer Ferry Cornelis Gerardus Meewisse decided to start his company. The products leave Utrecht, Netherlands where they are constructed and head to a niche group of dedicated international fans who wait in great anticipation for the latest Frrry creations.

Since the inception of Frrry, the collection has received awards for Dutch design and have been displayed in museums and at shows throughout Europe.

Ferry likes to think in terms of how the leather is folded, constructed and how it will wear over time. For instance, he may contemplate a piece of folded leather and develop an idea that will stand as the basis of that new collection. He states that this is very characteristic of his way of working with an "eye for coincidence and unexpected practical solutions in an idea."

rivet book bag by frrry

The Rivet Book bag in the "rivet" series by Frrry is made of Italian veggie dyed leather and is designed and assembled in the Netherlands. It's lightweight and stylish and espouses all the interesting features of a classic Frrry bag. The corners of the bag can also be tucked in or out to give you an alternate shape. It's a mid-sized bag and can be carried in the hands or cross body and has 3 interior pockets.

Roztayger Frrry Rivet  Book Frrry Rivet Book Bag

click image to buy this bag

A small series of new designs are added a few times a year, but don’t expect Ferry to follow any fashion calendar. He allows himself the freedom to create irrespective of fashion seasons or trends. This is one of the many reasons I brought in his work as I feel it fits in so well with the timeless focus of the roztayger assortment. The work is more about concepts and ideas of how to make bags and finding useful ways to use construction to its fullest potential.

rivet me bag by frrry

The Rivet Me bag in the "rivet" series by Frrry is made of Italian veggie dyed leather and is designed and assembled in the Netherlands. It is also lightweight and stylish and espouses all the interesting features of a classic Frrry bag. Of this particular style the designer Ferry says "This is a bag everybody would want to have. So I thought I'd call it 'Rivet me'. It's a mid-sized bag and can be carried in the hands or cross body. It has 3 interior pockets.

Roztayger Frrry Rivet Me Frrry Rivet Me

click image to buy this bag

The collection is contemporary and has a recognizable personal style. The items of each series are bonded by a concept - for example an idea about folding or how consumers use their accessories. The designs are always about presenting the idea in a simple, convincing and beautiful way. You won’t find any superfluous adornments on these leather accessories.

For the first season of Frrry at roztayger, I chose a few key leather pieces that, to my mind, offer the most "useful" work, travel, and life options. In the coming month, I will be adding another more vertical shape as well as adding an electric blue to the assortment. Blue is an important color for Spring and surprisingly easy to fit into a neutral clothing wardrobe (my personal cup of tea).


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