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Mix It Up Men: Classic Menswear Looks by Defy, Hype Luggage and Il Bussetto

March 22 2013

Spring is on the horizon and finding the perfect transitional outfit from Winter to Spring can be tough! Our suggestion - mix it up men! Adding accessories to an outfit can transform your look. Popular lines defy, hype luggage and il bussetto offer a range of styles that are classic menswear staples for any outfit! We have collaborated with Karen H. from Austin, TX to create a look with some of roztayger's favorite brands. You tell us - where would you wear this outfit?




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1. Small recon messenger by defy: Ok. The Plan. Search the field. Survey the terrain. Or just take it to the corner coffee shop. The Recon Series by Defy is suitable for any mission!

2. Belmont ipad case by hype luggage: In designing an iPad Cover, Hype designer Paul Holmes felt the goal was first and foremost to offer exceptional protection. The end result was a simple, clean, uncluttered design, manufactured from textured, full grain leather, and lined in genuine sheepskin - a natural padding to cushion the iPad and which is superb to touch.

3. Bi-fold multicolor card case by il bussetto: The Il Bussetto bi-fold wallet with colorblock interior is a unique piece. While it looks classic on the outside, open it up and you have a trio of colors and lines that house cards or bills in 6 different spots - Function and fashion!

4. Cardigan Marc Rugby stripe sweater: Featuring vintage inspired rib-knit triangle piece and detail on shoulder and elbow patch piece, this knitted crew neck is a perfect transitional piece from Winter to Spring!

5. Sunspel Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt: Crafted from unique long-staple Egyptian cotton fabric, the Short Sleeve Crew is the best T-shirt you'll ever wear. Combining a clean aesthetic with a classic fit, it's available in a host of colours and is the perfect foundation for your everyday looks!

6. Levi's 1967 505 Slim-Fit Dry Selvedge Denim Jeans: This slim-fitting 505 pair from 1967 has been crafted using pre-shrunk dry selvedge denim that will wear in for a personalised feel the more you use them.

7. A.P.C. Lace-up boots: Smooth leather. 100% Calfskin. Rounded toe. Ankle height. Have we convinced you that it's the perfect boot?

8. Mulholland Brothers flask: An ingeniously designed flask with a screw top highly polish, stainless steel 6 oz. and wrapped in luxurious leather! How classic?


Elizabeth Jeffer

Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods.

I went to Paris and then I needed reading glasses….

March 14 2013

I guess you could say it’s appropriate to start your “thoughts on Paris trip blog” at 4:00 in the morning - jet lag, you know. It’s partly that and partly feeling very excited and energized by this trip. So much to process and lots to do! I had been to Paris before, but not for many years, and not for a personal business trip for my own venture. So, this was a pretty exciting happening for me. Travel is always a great inspiration and since I spend so much time in front of a computer these days, I was in great need of an escape.

The decision to go? Since launching roztayger.com, I have noted that the lines that are harder to find often do better for me. I can’t compete with big corporate sites and I don’t want to, frankly. I prefer to keep it small and niche and service my clients well. Plus, I have always gravitated to smaller designers who place a premium on quality and design and not on mass production and profit. At the end of the day, I have always loved and identified with the underdog.Elizabeth of Roztayger in Paris during Fashion Week

It seemed like the right step to go to the Paris shows – meet with some of the designers I already buy from ( like Fernando Bonastre and Meli Melo) and whom I had, sadly, not met in person prior AND find new designers to work with.

Well, the shows did not disappoint. I went to four shows and saw many, many fantastic products. Now, my challenge was to weed through them, juggle the assortment and the money and try to figure out what clients would like combined with what I connected with. This is no easy task for an internet-based business. Of course, at the end of the day, I have to trust my own sense of what works and so far it seems to be going pretty well. Long story short - come this fall, there will be amazing new collections at roztayger from Belgium, Japan, Paris and the UK.

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Some personal highlights and funny moments of my trip in sequential order:

1) I have the absolute worst sense of direction. Because of this, over the years I have relied on: first my father, and then (now) my husband, to decipher the maps on trips. I have opted out for fear of getting lost (childhood phobia – another story). So on this trip, I had to really rely on myself and prove I could do it. Of course I studied the Paris street maps to get “the lay of the land” weeks before. This helped but still… I landed very tired after little sleep and promptly decided to go out walking and see the area around my hotel….lots of charming winding streets – tons of cool windows to look into.

Well, I tried to read the map, but it turns out during the flight over my eyes had changed for the worse and I suddenly needed reading glasses. No joke! The map was blurry (yes, tiny print, but it looked okay before I left) so I tried to rely on my iPhone GPS. That was ever more confusing - trying to follow which dot I was while the orientation kept flipping up and down. I was so turned around that at one point I was maybe two blocks from my hotel and could not figure out which way to go in order to get back. So, I just said “forget it” and went to the main street Blvd St. Germain and decided to arrive early for my drink with a friend who was also in town for the shows. (Albertus Swaneopoel…lovely man and an extraordinary milliner). After eating and drinking, I got my bearings – studied the map with help and got back. An auspicious start, but I made it back in the end. Laughing at oneself regularly is very therapeutic, I find.

2) Normally, I do not like to talk to people on planes, especially long flights. But, I met a very interesting man on the way over – a French artist – living in Brooklyn who was going back to Paris for his first Parisian gallery show. We had such an interesting chat. He works with layers of old wallpaper which he burns and then layers digital imagery on top of that. Our chat brought me back to my art history, art loving roots. He ended up giving me the information on his gallery opening and I went to see it during my trip. Amazing work - really dynamic, current and also beautiful. I posted one of his pieces on my Facebook page under “Renaud Regnery.” What a fantastic, serendipitous meeting. I love that. This is one of the many things that is so great about travel. You meet new people and learn about their lives, which never fails to fascinate.

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3) And then there was the food…yes, I had been eating healthily for weeks prior, but since I was walking 8 hours a day, I thought I’d let myself go. Ha! After all, who am I to deny myself amazing food and wine? Where to begin? Most of my meals were just drop-in style and ended up being around my hotel and with my friend Tracy Watts (another milliner extraordinaire showing in Paris).

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Everything was fresh. The bread was altogether different than in the US – perfect texture (and I don’t normally eat white bread but….) the food fresh and, yes, a bit more buttery than I usually go for but it worked (Ha!). Incredible celery soups, artichoke soups, stews, tarte tatin, truffles au gratin, chocolate millefeuille, ….I could go on and on here. The food was heavenly…..whether it was an inexpensive meal that I stumbled upon or a fancy meal (I had one - absolutely mind blowing)….

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4) Musee D’Orsay. Yes, I had a list a mile long of all the museums I wanted to visit and revisit since my last time in Paris. I only got to one!! Terrible, but it was an incredible choice and I had not visited it in prior trips. Just renovated and located in an old train station right on the River Seine, the Musee D’Orsay was THE right ONE museum to see. I spent 5 hours there and it reminded me of why I studied art history in college and how much enjoyment and inspiration I got from it.

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5) The cliché is that the French are a bit unfriendly. Well, I would have to say that this, in some respects, is true… They did seem grumpy often and not receptive to those of us who are non-speaker (and let’s face it, the few words I know and tried to speak they rarely understood). I was often afraid to ask for directions even though I needed them desperately - but I had a few amazing experiences that disproved this stereotype. Walking through the Marais district, I wandered into a Belgian store to look around. I had been on the way to find a store named Merci that everyone told me I had to check out. But of course I got a bit lost, so I crossed my fingers and asked the gentleman at the store to direct me. Well, he was so kind – he pulled out a sheet of paper and drew me an elaborate map (turns out I was not even close to the store - surprise, surprise) and directed me to where I needed to go – making highlight notes of stores that I must check out on the way… He must have spent 15 minutes going over this with me. I love random acts of kindness like this. Strangely, stereotypes only go so far. People in NY can be rude or lovely too. It all depends on the circumstance, the day you are having and your attitude going in.

6) Shopping. OK, I had little time to visit stores, but I was definitely impressed with the merchandising and concepts at Merci… Art and commerce converge here… skillfully done and so nice to see well-done brick and mortar merchandising. Also Le Bon Marche was truly impressive. A Barneys type store, but more old world in its setting and more spread out and expansive. And let me say the Parisians definitely have a great sense of style - the men are, of note, NOT afraid to be dapper. I saw many business-type men with colorful scarves, totes and other edgy accessories… I would love to see more American men taking chances like this!!!.... I will start with my husband. Bon chance to me.

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7) Meeting with designers. I met with Fernando Bonastre in his studio apartment to see his collection and this was truly a highlight. To meet him where he lives and see his environment was so fascinating. He lives in a historical part of the Bastille area in a 17th century building that has been renovated. Just incredible to see the seamless integration of old and new architecture. As he is one of my favorite designers on site, it was really lovely to meet him, shake his hand, meet his lovely assistant, and have him show me his collection. Email can only provide so much connection. Hearing someone speak and then meeting them in person is now a luxury. It was well worth the hour-long walk to find him (yes, I did get lost a bit on the way… but just for a few moments). I also finally got to meet Clare Vivier in person (another favorite collection of mine). Funny because she lives in California where I am from, and go frequently, and yet we meet in Paris. We chatted at the D and A show where she had come to exhibit for the first time. I revisited the fall collection and got her feedback on her favorite pieces for fall.

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8) And then, there were the collections I saw…TOO much to say here- I could go on and on. Suffice it to say - so many beautiful things to see. A forecasting tidbit: it’s all about “blue” for fall and LOTS of haircalf. So, get ready to break out your blue, furry items. Truth be told, I don’t really believe in or follow trends so closely, but if they are versatile and wearable why not take note ? Blue has never been my favorite color, but I saw incredible deep, deep navy haircalf pieces by a number of designers and dark teal, some electric blues…really nice. And for an accessory, it's easy to pair with greys, blacks, and brown clothing (that’s pretty much my mode of dress these days).

And so my rambling ends. I am sure most of you have nodded off or gotten bored by now, but for the few that made it through – thanks for listening to the musings of a “post trip high” enthusiast.


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Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods made of quality materials.


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