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Man’s Best Friend: The Wallet

September 20 2013

WTWA_Lifestyle4.1377576123Somewhere in New York City, there’s a limo driver using my stolen wallet and basking in the glow of compliments of its esthetic quality. It’s a long story but over 10 years ago, I left my wallet in the limo carting us from a friend’s wedding ceremony to the reception. I got a call from the Port Authority Police who found my ID and now defunct cards in a trash can at LaGuardia - the driver’s no doubt next port of call. The fact that I’m still dwelling on this loss is a testament of the relationship that blossoms between a man and his wallet.

Wallets are a deeply personal accessories and more than anything (other than a man’s watch) give you a quick snapshot of a man’s place in life and his priorities. No, no, nothing to do with how much cash is stuffed into it - quite the opposite. It’s more to do with what a man thinks is important to carry on his person every day. There are 2 main categories of wallet contents: items that give you access (cash, credit/debit cards, membership cards, electronic entry cards, business cards) and items that keep you grounded (mementos of loved ones). The choice combinations from both categories indicate where you can go and where you come from. And that’s just looking at it from a utility standpoint. The idea that the new generation of smartphones will replace our wallets is ridiculous and laughable and is hinged on the sole premise that wallets are vessels for our identity/ies and liquid assets.

WTWA_Lifestyle3.1377576123In terms of esthetics, a wallet is a fascinating look into a man’s vanities and insecurities. I have an acquaintance who uses one of those metal boxes with individual slats for cards and IDs that also provides shielding from electronic scanners. The fact that it looks like an automatic weapon magazine isn’t accidental and that in itself is an interesting titbit about this person’s interests and stance on that issue. Another friend refuses to switch the paleontological, fossilized object he received as a gift in high school from a romantic interest. Marriage and kids have apparently not diminished the flames of ardor for his teenage crush.

WPSA_Lifestyle-2.1377576123I believe that a man must be as methodical about selecting his wallet as his watch, car and shoes. No one simply buys a car to convey one from points A to B and there’s more to a watch than telling the time. They are status symbols, marks of success, statements of intent and priorities. Apply these guidelines to extract the most from your wallet ownership:

  1. Your significant other may pick your socks, ties or even your watch. Your wallet is your responsibility.

  2. It’s perfectly okay to own multiple wallets for multiple purposes - a dedicated one for travel (check out the Travel Wallet and the Passport Sleeve, both by Bellroy), a slim card case to keep the lines of that power suit clean and impress the folks at that networking mixer (Il Bussetto has some great examples) or a zippered, compact wallet for everyday use (Il Bussetto again).

  3. Be irreverent. Why limit your options to just black or brown? Go for color.

  4. Moisturize for youth and longevity. Keep it supple and shiny (your wallet) by periodically applying leather lotion or balm. It’ll keep it from cracking, give it a nice patina and keep the Maitre D’ of that upscale restaurant from a disdainful sneer when you reach into it for a tip.

  5. Slim is in. A slimmer wallet is easier on your pockets and silhouette. If for some reason best known to you, you need to keep EVERY credit card, scrap of paper or receipt (the digital revolution must’ve passed you by) on your person, then use a larger wallet but keep it in your bag or coat pocket. You’re not George Constanza. One of the most stylish people I know uses a slim folio for his portage and actually looks elegant clutching it while waiting in line at Starbucks.

  6. Be zen. When your wallet looks and feels like its best days are behind it, give it a dignified burial/sendoff and replace it. Yourself. Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi.

- Guest Writer Khamel Abdulai: One foot firmly on each side of the Atlantic. pursuit of the esthetic, literary and entrepreneurial ideal.


A Fashion Forward Fall

September 17 2013

New York Fashion Week may be over, but we’re just starting to obsess over next season’s trends. And while the runways served up ensembles slated for next spring, we can't wait to kick off our cravings this fall. (Let's just say we let the term "fashion forward" live up to its meaning.)

So, in the spirit of sprinting ahead of the curve, we scoured spring’s newly-launched styles to find our own au courant equivalents.


Cobalt Mood Board

Inspiration: Vera Wang SS14 Collection

Shop It: Here and Here

Silver Mood Board

Inspiration: Tory Burch SS14 Collection & Marc By Marc Jacobs SS14 Collection

Shop It: Here and Here

City Sleek Mood Board

Inspiration: BCBG Max Azria SS14 Collection & 3.1 Phillip Lim SS14 Collection

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roztayger introduces new categories for fall

September 13 2013

This fall the roztayger assortment is expanding beyond bags. Being an accessories fanatic, I launched roztyager introducing my favorite bags and small leather goods. However, this season I thought it was an opportune time to add a few of my personal favorites lifestyle essentials aside from bags. Keeping with my very edited selections, I have put together a preview of fall items to look for starting at the end of the month! All of these items are things I have personally owned and used over the years and have found to be a great investment.

1. Botto Giuseppe lightweight gauze cashmere scarf: I bought one of these scarves for myself a year ago in NYC and have been thrilled by how useful it has been. I use it on trips, in movie theaters, and around town. It is extremely soft and the yarn colors this Italian company produces are stunning and painterly. I chose five colors this fall to to offer on roztayger - at least four out of the five are unisex. (light grey, olive, dusty grey/blue, eggplant and coral)

Its large enough to use in a bulky super warm mode around the neck or you can stretch it out and use it a wrap (for you ladies)

For Him...

For Her...


2) for her: Cashmere wrap by Joshi: During my travels in Paris, I met the designer of Joshi and found that she not only designed gorgeous cashmere wraps but was conveniently from the US. Joshi wraps use cashmere from Nepal and have subtle details like the pom pom tassels I chose a model on this model. There is a bit of interest and the colors all work well with pretty much any outfit – jeans to suits. Great for trips, travel or out on the town. (comes in ivory, dusty lavender, taupe, charcoal and black)


3) V Room Japanese cotton/cashmere t shirts: I have been buying this t-shirt line at various stores in NY and LA and have always been struck with how often I wear them and how nice and super cozy they feel on. The fit is just how I like it – long through the sleeves, close to the body but not tight and the touch of cashmere in the mix makes them warm for fall. Look for two styles for women and one for men. (coming in white, black, navy, grey)
For Her...


For Him...


4) for her: Jewelry from Satomi Kawakita: These delicate earrings and necklaces from Satomi Kawakita will have you leaving them on and forgetting about them for weeks! You can’t go wrong with any of the styles. As a busy working/traveling mom, I really appreciate not having to think about things like this….work, travel, life…versatile, delicate, and timeless jewelry always gets my vote!


5) Etiquette socks for men and Hansel from Basel socks for women: I have always been over the moon about cozy socks! While I always seem to find myself buying/needing black they get lost in my overstocked drawer which has tons of lonely single items. Lately I am drawn to color and pattern, and just in time for the season trend. Look for fun stripes and polka dots here for yourself or as a perfect gift for the holidays or for that long plane trip when you just to treat your feet.

For Him...

Picture 2

For Her...

Picture 1

6) Unisex belts from KIKA NY: Super simple, beautiful quality belts, handmade in Brooklyn by Kika. She captures the clean, artisanal unisex feeling to a tee. It looks handmade but still polished – perfect for fall! (coming in navy and tan)

7) Le Yucca = The best shoe EVER: For as long as a I can remember, I have been obsessed with mens shoes for women. When I stumbled upon this brand Le Yucca in Paris in March – I wanted every shoe! Once I tried one on, I understood immediately the price-point on these handmade shoe. They immediately fit and were incredibly comfortable – (not to mention gorgeous). I usually have trouble finding comfortable shoes and now I live in these. I can look in my closet and pick out 4 pairs of shoes I spent $300 on that I would happily trade in for another pair of these. It’s a mental leap but I understand the value now. I knew I had to offer my customers on roztayger the chance to also enjoy these amazing pair of shoes and I picked what I felt where the most basic and beautiful pair of brogues in Le Yucca's collection and go from here.



Roz_elizabeth signature222

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