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Into The Blue

October 29 2013

Into The Blue

Into The Blue

Hello, Lovelies!

Just stopping by to talk big bags with you guys! First, let me just say that there are few things that make me happier than an obnoxiously oversized accessory. I mean, more is more, right? At least that's how I see it. But although I typically find bigger to be better, these bold pieces must practice some sort of restraint. Big bags can't have big patterns and so forth. Which is why I adore my new Meli Melo teal Thela! It's big and bold, but modern and minimal at the same time. The perfect bring-everything-with-you-at-all-times kind of bag.

Now, I must confess, when I first feasted my eyes on this mouth-watering morsel, I couldn't decide which direction I should go on the color spectrum. Should I choose burgundy or blue? That was the question. So I turned to roztayger founder Elizabeth Jeffer for help. And she told me to take the road less traveled. That, my darlings, made all the difference.

xE, Elle's Empire State

Bucket Bags & Billowy Sleeves

October 15 2013

At roztayger, one of our favorite destinations for daily style inspiration is Elle Fure's blog, Elle's Empire State. Billed as "A Voguette's Fashionable Universe," it's chock full of Elle's eclectic outfits, latest enviable purchases, adventures in New York City, and behind-the-scenes peeks into her artful life.

Why do we love Elle's style? She plays by her own rules when it comes to accessorizing and her outfits always include bursts of rich color and texture. Elle currently works as a fashion reporter and editor for The International Business Times, but luckily for roztayger shoppers, she'll be guest-blogging here to share her style secrets and tips for accessorizing in an accessible yet wholly personalized and fun way. Below, enjoy her first entry!

Bucket Bags & Billowy SleevesBucket Bags & Billowy SleevesBuckey Bags & Billowy Sleeves

Hello, Darlings!

With the fall season in full swing, I've traded in my trademark heels for a more - shall we say - grounded style. I've said goodbye to the constraints of seasons past and opened up my mind and my wardrobe to the beauty of new beginnings.

And with new beginnings comes, of course, a brand new bag. Hence, my little lady in red. And although these photos marked her first outing among New York's acutely accessorized inhabitants, Ms. Lost Property of London made mama proud. The perfect structural sidekick to the soft, sailing sleeves of my kimono. And structural sidekicks come in handy when one is a decade-old disciple of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen school of oversized dressing.

xE, Elle's Empire State

scarves for all seasons: new at roztayger

October 11 2013

I was elated to see that Elizabeth is expanding her collections at roztayger to include scarves. The convergence of two great themes: my favorite clothing accessory and Elizabeth’s good taste.

CashmereScarfI wear a scarf all year round and I think you might want to do the same. A strip of fabric in wool, linen or cotton wrapped in some fashion around your neck may not seem to be a logical choice in July, but hear me out—no other item, weight for weight and from a cost-benefit ratio standpoint can help you keep your cool (metaphorically) in the heat of summer.

I walk from an air-conditioned apartment to an air-conditioned car which conveys me to an air-conditioned place of work. In between those blasts of cold, dry air, I may catch about 10 minutes of sun and humidity. My cotton and linen scarves provide me with a measure of thermo-regulation and also indicate to my co-workers what frame of mind I’m in. My red scarf is “battle stations," the pale flax-colored scarf with blue checks signals calm.

Upstate New York autumns are more temperamental than a two-year old on a 13-hour long-haul flight. Cool mornings transition to 80 degree days and end with cold nights. If you're dressed for the afternoon sun, the evenings will find you shivering and miserable. The opposite will result in sweaty, clammy afternoons being the catalyst for your unhappiness. One lightweight wool scarf can provide strategic comfort and can be removed or wrapped tightly depending on what Upstate Mother Nature throws at you. Our winters aren’t for the faint of heart. January blasts of arctic breath can be a challenge and those of us without heated car seats have to find advantage from any source.


Shop roztayger's pick: Cashmere Scarf by Botto Giuseppe

You only need 4 scarves. You need to have a scarf collection based on 4 fabrics: linen and cotton for your desert beduin needs, lightweight wool for the transitional months and cashmere or merino wool to stare winter in the face. If you MUST absolutely have only one scarf, make it lightweight wool or cashmere. Natural animal fibers like wool and cashmere have great thermo-regulatory benefit and can keep you warm AND cool at the same time—very breathable. Have you ever seen a stressed out Kashmiri goat? I thought not.

I keep at least one scarf in my bag at all times. Once your social circle stops mocking you for that idiosyncrasy, they’ll appreciate knowing that in a pinch, you can provide them with a tourniquet in the event of that cobra bite, a stretching tool for yoga and an arm sling after getting into a fight with the barista at your coffee haunt for not giving you enough foam for your macchiato. More realistically, they’ll appreciate your cool under any climactic circumstance.

- Guest Writer Khamel Abdulai: One foot firmly on each side of the Atlantic. pursuit of the esthetic, literary and entrepreneurial ideal.


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