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Designer Dialogue: Ferry Meewisse of Frrry

November 18 2013


Ferry Meewisse created his accessories company Frrry (tip: it's pronounced FAIR - REE) with a core focus on construction. Designed and handcrafted in The Netherlands using vegetable tanned Italian leather, the Frrry collection is celebrated across Europe for its commitment to fully utilizing a bag's foldings and structures. Frrry's foundation is built upon designs being bonded by a concept rather than following a fashion calendar; a creative direction that has won Ferry several Dutch design awards. I am proud to say that Frrry's collection is exclusive to roztayger in the US, and I feel his pieces exemplify the timelessness I strive for in my assortment. Below, learn more about the man behind the well-respected line and then check out roztayger's Frrry collection!
roztayger: How did your background in 3D design prepare you to own an accessories company?

Ferry Meewisse: 3D in this case means product design, so I graduated with a collection of bags. In that way, I was well prepared. Some of the exam pieces were sold right away. But if you look at the word company in the question: I wasn't prepared at all. I just started. This was at art academy. Fingers crossed, let's go.
How does The Netherlands affect your design process and inspiration?

This is something you don't realize daily. But being educated here, unsurprisingly I have a Dutch approach to designing. At least, this is what people tell me. And some of my products ended up in the 'Droog' collection, which is...well, almost the founder of Dutch Design as we now know it.
Can you tell us more about the intricate computer process behind your Collapse bags?

I started the design process with some experiments in fabric. This helped me to determine a set of conditions for making a pattern. (Think, how many seams can meet in a corner, max and minimum width of an angle, etc.) At this point, my friend stepped in. He used these 'rules' that I made, and turned them into an algorithm that would work out a perfect pattern. What we did not know at that point is that the calculation had become so complex that it took the computer several days to finish it. But the pattern that came out worked wonderfully, and the good thing about the bag is that you don't see the calculations anymore. The first thing that people say is that it looks so natural, like it has grown that way.
What is your personal favorite bag? Also, can you please snap a photo to share with us what's inside your bag?

At the moment, it's the grey odd bag (note: this bag isn't currently at roztayger, but if you want to order one, tweet us @roztayger!). Because of the concept, see my site, and the slightly odd shape, it's like something had gone wrong with determining the sizes. But also because it matches the long black woolen coat that I made for myself for this winter.

Inside Ferry's bag Inside Ferry's bag

You don't design seasonally or seem to focus on a gender. Can you share more about your design philosophy?

A starting point for a new design usually has something to do with construction or material. I like to follow this idea as thoroughly as I can. In the process, I hardly think about focus group or gender. I'm busy enough making the idea into a good product, which means finding solutions and details that fit the original idea rather than a focus group or a season. I sometimes slightly provocatively say that I don't have a personal style. What I mean is: for every series I like to make a new look that fits the idea of that series without being limited because of what I did before. What connects the series is the way of thinking and not so much what you see on first sight. Accordingly, I don't choose a target group. The customers choose me if they can relate to my work. For the different series I find that different customers like them, although there are one or two big fans who really like everything I do.
What's currently on your music playlist?
Just now I was listening to Devendra Banhart. It's weird and happy and relaxed and energetic all at the same time. I also listen to Baby Dee a lot too (safe inside the day). The same description might fit for her, now I come to think of it... Guess I'm not very good at describing music. But if you ever get a chance to see her perform...go! She's a tree-climbing harpist, who dressed up as a bear for her first performance, because then people would not judge so hard in case they thought she played badly. But everybody loved her music, so she doesn't need the bear-suit anymore.
What career path would you be pursuing if you weren't a designer?
If I would have sticked to my original choice, I would now be a scientist in the field of agriculture. It still doesn't sound unappealing to me at all. I can absolutely see the beauty of calculating the optimal leaf/area index development for a field of potatoes and for example, the planting-distance that comes with it or the dry matter yield that it would give! Perhaps I'll switch back one day.


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Rivet Tote Bag





Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods made of quality materials.


Designer Dialogue: Fernando Bonastre of Bonastre

November 06 2013

Bonastre Fernando Bonastre of Bonastre

In an exciting new series exclusive to roztayger, we're kicking off a dialogue with our favorite emerging and established designers. We'll dig into artistic inspiration, creative process, up and coming products, and so much more. Premiering Designer Dialogue is Fernando Bonastre of Bonastre. Bonastre is a Parisian brand featuring sumptuous vegetable leather bags and accessories suitable for both men and women. The environmentally friendly collection is handcrafted in Spain using natural hides. We love Bonastre for its radical purity and contemporary reinterpretation of tradition. Below, meet the man behind the design, and be sure to check back every two weeks for new interviews!

roztayger: What inspired you to start a bag collection versus another design category?

Fernando Bonastre: I was going to meet a super important headhunter in New York, and I couldn't find the right laptop case. It just struck me as evidence that I had to design my own! This is how it started and is when I fell in love with the vegetable leather's texture, smell and natural character that take a wonderful patina over time.

How did you pick your brand name?

My brand name is actually my surname, and it also means "good star!"

What's your favorite bag of the season and why?

The Saco Pouch: a radical purity, voluptuous volumes and nonchalance. This is actually the one I carry on a daily basis.

If you could have one person, past or present, use your designs, who would it be and why?

Paul Newman...elegant without knowing it.

What's currently on your playlist?

Radiohead, Pink Floyd, M.I.A.

What's been the most defining moment for you as a designer thus far?

The day when I realized that I had to create my own brand...and more recently, the opening of my first shop in Paris.

What career would you pursue if you weren't an accessories designer?

An architect, for sure!

Bonastre Saco Pouch Left: Fernando Bonastre, Right: Inside his Saco Pouch.
Business Bag by Bonastre


55a7fe27c3c12af9e33f4b81331559fd Large Portfolio by Bonastre

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Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases and small goods made of quality materials.


Pretty Packing For Your Holiday Travels

November 01 2013

The holidays are almost here, and for many of us (myself included), the joyous seasonal celebrations are often preceded by a necessary evil: traveling. With stops in New Jersey, Alabama and Washington DC, my own holiday travel itinerary is packed—guess it’s time to start packing!

Thankfully, that’s where roztayger comes in. With high-end travel bags, trendy totes and cosmetic cases, this chic site makes packing a stylish affair. Plus, there’s nothing like a little shopping to release that pre-travel stress!

Take the edge off your journey and treat yourself to these luxe travel essentials—and know that the journey to festivities will be worth it in the end!

Picture 11. This handy little zip pouch by clare viver pulls double duty as a clutch or cosmetics case. Plus, the leopard print is a definite must for the season!

Picture 2
2. A hands-free crossbody bag by clare viver is an absolute airport essential when juggling boarding passes, IDs and luggage. The red color on this messenger is so festive—perfect for holiday travels.

Picture 43. Another hands-free option? This handsome tote by j. panther luggage that converts into a backpack. Effortless!

Picture 9 Picture 8Picture 10

4. Roomy and oh-so-chic, this collapse 3 bag by frrry holds it all—and does it in style.

Picture 75. A great cashmere scarf by botto giuseppe doubles as a wrap and easily stows away in your carry-on. It's the ideal on-the-go layer.

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