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Bag Resolutions For 2014 - guest post by Jenn

January 27 2014

Last year, I asked some of my most avid roztayger customers to share stories about their love affair with handbags. Jenn Strauss of PA shared hers, resolving to think more thoughtfully about which bags she would purchase. Below, we check in with Jenn a year later to see how her goal went, as well as what bags she'll be carrying for 2014! Tell us in the comments: do you have a bag resolution?!


With the beginning of 2014, I continue my quest to devise ‘real’ resolutions or goals for this year. In reflecting upon my post last year and judging ‘how I did’ with meeting my goals. I have to say I did a good job…not a great job, but a good one (I am a firm believer in practice makes perfect). Did I purchase handbags throughout the year? Of course I did! Was I focused on issues of quality over quantity? Definitely yes! Did I fall ‘off the wagon’ in purchasing bags? You betcha! Probably many people would evaluate my 2013 handbag shopping behaviors as a fail! I could agree with that, but it is a new year and I want to maintain a positive perspective! So, I will stick with what I have learned in 2013 and what I will be working on for this year.

FrrryCapitalABag frrry Capital A bag

I try not to have ‘love at first sight’ for a bag…noticed I said TRY. I now give a lot of thought on the practicality of the bag and how often I will really use it, even though I am in love with it. How well the bag is made in regards to its price also is a conscious thought, instead of…its only two hundred bucks and on sale. The Rivet Capital A bag by frrry was a love at first sight! I loved the shape and simplicity and size (I am a big bag gal). I ordered it right away and still love it. I kinda felt bad in purchasing it so quickly, but as soon as I got it, I did not feel bad any longer!

SamujiToriBag Samuji Tori bag

I continue to work on what my style is, and how the bag is a reflection of that, rather than an accessory that is ‘neat or different’ though not really me. I find that bags I purchased with my style in mind are used more and I enjoy them more, instead of ones I rarely use and eventually give away or sell on eBay. My style tends to be, as of now, in the range of the Tori Bag by Samuji. I love this bag. I plan on purchasing another in 2014. The quality is superb and the leather is beautiful, without being heavy (I have a similar men’s Coach bag that is just too heavy to use). I use Tori at least once a week, if not for an entire week at a time. I am one of those gals that changes handbag everyday…that is also part of my style. The bag is classic, functional and a great accessory. I have dolled it up with scarfs tied to the handles and a beaded leather piece made by my six year old.

FrrryCollapse3Bag frrry Collapse 3 bag

If I spend a few weeks ‘stalking’ a handbag I find online, I do not feel guilty if I order the bag to admire it and decide if I want to purchase it. I am not afraid of returning a bag. I have returned several bags this year that were purchased out of love only to find that when I actually received them, that love was gone. The Collapse 3 bag by frrry was such a bag. I loved the design and leather, but just was not sure. I ordered the bag with full intention of returning it if I did not like it and, OF COURSE, ended up loving it. I use it has a handbag and I get positive and unique comments on it as it is so strikingly unique many people do not know what to say (including my husband).

LostPropertyOfLondonElwin Lost Property of London Elwin bag

Buying bags on sale is a good thing, but it comes with consequences. I have waited for bags I really want to go on sale (or used it as a bargaining tool that if I complete this project, then I can buy that bag), only to find the bag sells out or the color I want is out of stock. Disappointed yes, but purchasing a bag for quality, shape and purpose allowed me to see that color importance weighs lower on the list. This happened with the Lost Property of London Elwin bag: I waited to purchase the green, it sold, I frantically purchased the brown and love it! Liz offered me the green when another came in, but I already had a relationship with the brown…not giving her up!

So, I am not perfect, or ever will be. I am okay with that. I will continue practicing quality and style, over instant beauty and sale price, though I know I will have my weak moments. I have decided that these moments will be learning experiences and opportunities to keep the US Postal Service working with my returns. I am looking forward to LOOKING AT many great handbags this year with PURCHASING fewer than I did in 2013 though enjoying every single one of them to their fullest!


Berry Brights

January 16 2014








Happy New Year, My Fashion Femmes!

Since we're smack in the middle of January, aka the most depressing month of the year, I decided to fight the feeling of doom with a sartorial shout-out to the perkiest person I know: Barbie. Although, for better or worse, I'm anything but Made by Mattel, I knew it wouldn't be too hard to scrounge up a few unapologetically girly pieces. (You see, I used to be OBSESSED with pink, so every now and then a bright berry hue manages to make its way into my closet.)

To start, I uncovered the perfect splash of sequins in my wardrobe — a knee-length vest made specifically for the London runways (found consignment shopping, of course). From there, I knew I had no choice but to throw my widely weather-inappropriate Sophia Webster pumps into the mix. (Let's be honest, what's a better pick-me-up than neon polka dots?) But the crowning glory of my girly getup was my gorgeous new Rivet Me bag by Frrry. I mean, look at it! It's delicious. Not to mention the perfect trailblazer for spring. Did I mention that pinks are going to be huge this season?

xE, Elle'sEmpireState

Cozy Outfit Ideas For Cold Weather

January 08 2014

Baby, it’s cold outside! Temperatures have been so low this year, they’ve been setting new historical records. From a white Christmas to the surprising Polar Vortex of 2014, lately there has been no shortage of freezing weather and reasons to pile on the layers. It’s hard to focus on dressing the part when all you want to do is bundle up, enjoy a hot toddy, and lounge inside by a crackling fire, however we at roztayger believe that there’s always an excuse to stay stylish. To inspire you to kickstart a fashionable 2014, below we’ve curated cozy yet on point outfit mixes for women and men that will serve you well in braving the elements.


1 Hope Judge Cardigan, La Garconne
2 Frame Denim Le Garcon Mid-Rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans
3 J.Crew Perfect-Fit Tee
4 Tracy Watts, Into-The-Woods Bear Ears Headwrap
5 Botto Giuseppe Cashmere Scarf, roztayger
6 Atelier MarchalF2 Bag, roztayger
7 Hansel From Basel Ladies Crew Socks, roztayger
8 Satomi Kawakita Open Circle Studs, roztayger
9 Le Yucca’s Karena Shoe, roztayger


1 Sunspel Loop-back Cotton Sweatshirt, Mr. Porter
2 J Brand Kane Regular-Fit Denim Jeans, Mr. Porter
3 Kika NY Postal Backpack, roztayger
4 Kika NY Loop Keychain, roztayger
5 Botto Giuseppe Cashmere Scarf, roztayger
6 Il Bussetto Small Wallet, roztayger
7 Etiquette Clothiers Men’s Socks, roztayger


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