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Spring/Summer ‘14 Picks for Women

March 31 2014

A loyal client recently asked me about my favorite accessories for spring and I was hard pressed to answer. There are so many wonderful new products in this season that I had to pause and think that one through. To be honest, I am passionate about every designer I bring in, otherwise they would not be featured. Given that I cannot buy their entire collections, I have to whittle down to pieces I feel are the most relatable, usable, and good investments for my clients. (I fully admit that some products are not inexpensive, but then again, you do get what you pay for in most cases. I believe in buying less but buying better quality if you are able!)

I brought many new European collections to roztayger this season. Two more are yet to go up: Laael out of Amsterdam and Tstatsas out of Germany...stay tuned! If pressed so far, my favorites this season are:

1) Bonastre: Their first women's collection has landed, and although I expect three more styles in, my current favorite is the Beetle Bag. It's structured and elegant, unusual but not so out there. It’s a style that I cannot say I've seen before in the market. I have a weak spot for crisp white bags, and the use of grey makes it more usable. We shot this at Grand Central Station for the lookbook.

Bonastre Beetle Bag Bonastre Beetle Bag

2) PB0110: A new gorgeous line out of Germany with an architectural feel and attention to detail that make your head spin. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the CA 5 Travel Bag is amazing in terms of its cool style factor and the AB2 or AB3 in navy are two of my favorites for daily use.

PB0110 CA5 Travel Bag PB0110 CA5 Travel Bag

3) Atelier Marchal: I am obsessed with the Large Marlon Bag that you can fold and tuck under you arm. I would carry the white one with jeans and a white tee, or out at night in the spring and summer. It even works as a winter white.

Atelier Marchal Marlon Bag Atelier Marchal Marlon Bag

4) Meli Melo: I'm very into the bright travel Color Pop Wallets in the blue, flamingo, and taupe. I'm always looking for new ways to stay organized in my purse and a bright wallet that doubles as a clutch is very useful!

Meli Melo Color Pop Wallets Meli Melo Color Pop Wallets

5) Lost Property of London: I'm a big fan of the black sailcloth Mini Miles Bag because of the sustainability factor, plus the wrinkles are a cool twist on a classic duffle. The material makes it appropriate for year-round use and great for an overnight trip or a day when you just have a lot to carry. Great for either gender.

Lost Property of London Mini Miles Bag Lost Property of London Mini Miles Bag

6) Samuji: The new black Crossbody Bag is an ideal size for travel. I normally don't carry a small purse, but realize that having one handy is a relief when you just don’t want that heavy load. It’s hands-free, elegant, and in the most buttery leather. Minimal, classic, and modern.

Samujji Crossbody Bag Samuji Crossbody Bag

7) Ally Capellino: I must say I love the navy blue Ellin Bag for its feel (so very soft and light) and for the same reasons as above. It’s another perfect option for hands-free pared down carry.

Ally Capellino Ellin Bag Ally Capellino Ellin Bag

8) Clare Vivier: My two favorites this season are the black spots Flat Clutch (Sandrine to come soon) and the lavender navy stripe suede Simple Tote. There's something about the whimsical color and pattern combination these two offer. Feminine, yet still classy and not too over-the-top girly.

Clare Vivier Flat Clutch Clare Vivier Flat Clutch

Clare Vivier Simple Tote Clare Vivier Simple Tote

9) Avril Gau: I'm really excited to bring this line in out of Paris. It’s a proper ladies' bag line with structure and minimal hardware, but well done, as I usually I prefer little or none. My all-time favorite is the grey Groupie Bag. It’s a structured Baguette style, so sharp with a great edge to it due to its larger scale. If you carry this bag, you're bound to feel more powerful!

Avril Gau Groupie Bag Avril Gau Groupie Bag

10) Antonello: My favorite Antonello bag is probably the Large tote, which comes in three fantastic colors. I stumbled onto this booth in Paris and was so entranced. These are beautifully hand-loomed bags in exquisite painterly color combinations with that ethnic feel. The bags are so refined that they work even in the city with a buttoned up outfit, like the Medium Lined Hobo. The larger totes can go on vacations and the smaller ones even work in an urban setting in the warmer months. These are special summer/spring pieces!

Antonello bags Antonello bags



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