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Spring/Summer ‘14 Picks for Men

April 18 2014

The Spring/Summer 2014 assortment for men is focused on bringing new life to classic men's accessories. Whether it's in the form of a surprising color combination, a well-placed stripe, or a fresh juxtaposition of materials, our new pieces offer versatility for every occasion without sacrificing heritage. See below for some top highlights from roztayger men's lines, new for the warmer weather. 1) Bonastre: For men, I love the new F21 Messenger Bag in terra. I wish I could get my husband to carry a nice bag like this! We shot it for the Roztayger Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook at Grand Central Station, so I'm excited to share these photos. This bag can also easily go from jeans to suit. And I love the F5 Large Portfolio in terra/grey—a lovely color combo.

F5 Large Portfolio by Bonastre
F5 Large Portfolio by Bonastre

2) Travelteq: I'm so excited to have this Amsterdam-based line in. It's such a cool offering of stylish, travel/work related pieces of amazing quality. I love the Classic Trash Messenger for men in the Navy or the Blue. Also, The Royal Navy Trash Brief is great for a slightly more formal, buttoned up look. 3) Kika NY: It's hard to pick a favorite here, but Kika Ny's 24 Hours Bag is one which I have used personally for day use, yet it is meant for either gender. A man would use it for the gym or a weekend, perhaps. It's very elegant and you cannot beat the leather quality or the handmade story behind it. I'm anxious to get their new Postal #3 Backpack in in May.

24 Hours Bag by Kika NY 24 Hours Bag by Kika NY

KikaNYWeekendermodel 24 Hours Bag by Kika NY

4) J.Panther Luggage Co.: I love the new Canvas Courier Ruc Case in olive/black, featured in the Lookbook as well. A million ways to carry it and many great compartments inside make it a great investment piece. It's urban and stylish, but not fussy in any way.

Canvas Courier Ruc Case by J.Panther Luggage Co. Canvas Courier Ruc Case by J.Panther Luggage Co.

5) Ally Capellino: The Homerton Mitchell Rucksack is another great investment piece for the guys. Last season, I sold this bag out first and it’s already had a good response. It’s that "forever" men’s bag that looks better over time. The navy is deep and rich (almost black) and the brown accents are a great foil.

Homerton Mitchell Rucksack by Ally Capellino Homerton Mitchell Rucksack by Ally Capellino

6) Porter: I love the new 3 Way Lift Brief in navy...there's something about the deep navy and the material, which make it very seductive in its feel and look.

3 Way Lift Brief by Porter 3 Way Lift Brief by Porter

3 Way Lift Brief by Porter 3 Way Lift Brief by Porter



Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases, and small goods made of quality materials.

Clutching Color

April 09 2014

Like every New Yorker, I gravitate towards black…A LOT. It’s chic, easy and always a sure way to add some adult-factor to my petite frame. But, let’s be honest, relying on black to bring out my best is kind of boring and, quite frankly, just doesn’t cut it among the fashion-forward set. So, the solution is simple: I look to colorful accents to elevate my all-black looks.

My flamingo Meli Melo wallet and polka dot wristbag by Laael are the perfect color pop pieces, and I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying them together for added effect. Who says you should limit yourself to only one playful accessory? I certainly don’t. With a simple all-black ensemble, I feel totally empowered to go crazy with my clutches. And what could be more fun than holding lime green and black hair-calf dots?

xE, EllesEmpireState

Clutching Color

Designer Dialogue: Elja Lintsen of LAAEL

April 07 2014

EljaLintsenLAAEL Elja Lintsen of LAAEL

This spring, we're thrilled to introduce LAAEL, a colorful minimalist line based in Amsterdam. Dutch founder and designer Elja Lintsen honed her design skills while working at influential brands such as Marc Jacobs, Martine Sitbon, and Club Monaco. Elja's eye for smart design, combined with her passion for experimenting with colors and structures, make LAAEL bags both playful and practical. LAAEL accessories vary from contemporary classics to charismatic eye-catchers, always combining a cool modern sensibility with a distinct edge. A US exclusive for Roztager, LAAEL's Spring/Summer 2014 collection was inspired by an androgynous 1940s aesthetic. Below, we become better acquainted with Elja about her approach to color, design background, and what's in her bag.

Your background is in design, but you choose to focus on bags. Why are you drawn to this accessory in particular?
Actually, I finished two studies. First I studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and after that I studied Fashion Design at Artez in Arnhem. Only three and a half years ago did I start designing bags because of a freelance project I had been working on. I really love the focus of designing a bag, how you can completely refine the design as you work on it again a next season. Also, just a combination of colors and materials can change the look of a bag completely! And I love researching for materials and the accessories for a bag.

LAAEL 07 Wristbag LAAEL 07 Wristbag

How did you name LAAEL? What does it mean?
It is actually derived from my name, Elja. Talking to a friend, he said, "Why don’t you do Laelja, kind of as in French, la Elja?" I found that kind of nice, but a bit too sweet. After some more thinking and playing around, I decided on LAAEL as I found it stronger and the name looks and feels more like what I do.

Laael 06 Large Tote and 07 Wristbag Laael 06 Large Tote and 07 Wristbag

Color and texture play is a huge theme for LAAEL. What are some for favorite colors and materials, and why?
Every season I have a new favorite color combination. I love working with colors and experimenting with how to put them together. I am always a big fan of trying to find a combination that you might not expect, to explore boundaries. I do love colors that have kind of a greyness in them—“dirty” colors I call them—and to combine these with a bright green, for example. But I love all colors. It is really about how I combine them and what material, structure, and or intensity they have.

What are the essentials you carry in your bag?
Of course a LAAEL 011 Wallet. And I always carry calendula ointment and my lipstick or eyeliner.

Inside Elja's 05 Cross Body Bag Inside Elja's LAAEL 05 Cross Body Bag

LAAEL is based in Amsterdam. What do you love and find most inspiring about your city?
Amsterdam is quite a small city. It’s really nice to cycle past all the canals; I always find it quite calming and relaxed. It is really nice that you can do everything on your bike! If I have any time at all, I just love to go into the city in the morning and go to my favorite bookstores and stroll around.

If you weren't an accessories designer, what career path would you pursue?
I wouldn’t want to do anything else! As I am a fashion designer, it would be even better if I could do both, clothing and accessories.

LAAEL 04 Boxy Handbag LAAEL 04 Boxy Handbag

What playlist are you currently listening to in the design studio?
My moods can be quite different. I listen to all kinds of music it depends on the day. At the moment, I am playing Lana Del Rey, but it can also be dubstep, the Irrepresibles or Anna Calvi. I do love melancholy and on the other side of quiet, loud music. I am a huge fan of Mike Patton!

Which LAAEL spring bags at roztayger are your favorites and why?
As there are quite different styles, there is not really one favorite, but the small #05 Cross Body Bag is the one I am using at the moment. It fits all the essentials, so I always carry everything I need. And I like how it really adds something special to your outfit as it is quite an eye catcher in the different leathers, colors, and prints. Whenever I have to take more I always take a #06 Large Tote that will hold almost everything. It is practical but also really chic and cool.

LAAEL 06 Large Tote LAAEL 06 Large Tote

Shop the LAAEL collection at roztayger.



Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases, and small goods made of quality materials.


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