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Founder’s Picks - Travel + Life Essentials (Part II)

November 20 2014


The Sightseeing Bag.
I love Bonastre’s Pochette, PB 0110’s AB10 Shoulder Bag and Meli Melo’s Duma in black as your basic go-to bags for strolling or sightseeing during the day, and then out to dinner in the evening. Hands-free, minimal and chic, these three are the epitome of luxury travel essentials. You don’t have to think about what clothes will work with these bags. They go with everything.

For men, the Saco Pouch by Bonastre is a great choice. Slowly, men in the US are beginning to embrace this man-clutch format, which is already a staple in Europe, as well as cities such as Tokyo and Seoul.


The Storage Pouch.
Keeping a colorful (or patterned) stash of bags inside your main bag is incredibly helpful in keeping organized when traveling. It also limits rummaging when searching for things in a hurry. Lately, I’ve been carrying my blue i ro se 3F Wallet and my leopard haircalf Clare V Wallet Clutch for my makeup. I usually take a Clare V Flat Clutch along too.


For men, I suggest the small goods from Travelteq and Il Bussetto. Travelteq’s Macbook Sleeve is lovely and clean with room for cards and your smartphone, if need be. Bellroy also makes amazing travel wallets, with lots of functionality and ingenious space-saving design, which men love.


The Travel Blanket.
Oyuna’s Cashmere Daya Travel Blanket may not be a necessity per se, but it sure makes a great gift for someone who travels often. Worn as a shawl or blanket on the plane, it can be used later as a wrap or extra layers when traveling. The Oyuna Travel Blanket comes equipped with a belt, which can be used both to store the blanket as well as to define the waist.

Happy Travels!


Founder’s Picks - Travel + Life Essentials (Part I)

November 11 2014


At its inception, Roztayger’s concept focused solely on modern, clean-lined luxury bags for both men and women—appealing to those who crave luxury but prefer to ‘stand out quietly.’ Today, Roztayger’s mission remains the same, but over time, I’ve grown to feel that it would be interesting to touch on other categories and feature some personal favorites I’ve enjoyed incorporating into my own ‘work, travel and life’ over the years.

As I get older, I prefer to buy less, gravitating instead towards standout, non-mass production pieces that will last me season after season. These are the products that will never look dated and always delight in some small way—whether it be via functionality, tactile qualities, inspired design or simply from an aesthetic standpoint. I believe the Roztayger customer possesses a similar sensibility.

With this in mind, here are some of my favorite Roztayger Travel + Life Essentials (part one):



I found this label through a client’s recommendation and then met with them in Paris last spring. Oyuna combines cutting-edge modern design with luxurious Mongolian cashmere to make extremely usable pieces that are never without intrigue. My two favorite pieces are undoubtedly the Ami Cashmere Jacket and the Cashmere Cardigan with Cutout Sleeves. I’m a huge fan of cardigans. I feel cold so often, so adding that additional layer is often a necessity. The fact that the sleeves are ¾ length is brilliant; you don’t overheat when indoors, and, if you get cold, you can simply add Oyuna’s arm warmers. Just peeking out from the cardigan sleeves, these add another interesting design detail.



I have long been a huge fan of Japanese brand v::room and have amassed quite a collection of their clothing in recent years. Their supreme quality basics are so soft and possess such great subtle details that they really are much more than the word ‘basics’ would suggest. My pick is the Jersey Long Sleeve V-Neck—it drapes beautifully and has a very flattering cut. For men, I’m a big fan of the Cotton Cashmere Crewneck and the Jacquard Fleece Shawl Collar Cardigan…so plush and dapper with great, unexpected details in the raw edging and exposed seams.

Le Yucca

An investment for sure, but worth it in every way. A true cult following has developed for these shoes. Once you own a pair, it’s hard to go back to non-handmade shoes. They conform perfectly to your feet and sport a timeless unisex look that I love. My favorite is the navy Karena (I have brown and black versions arriving soon too). Watch this space for loafers coming in spring.

Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

My two favorite pieces, which I've been wearing non-stop for months, are the 18K Drop Diamond Necklace and the 24K Twin Pearl Studs. Delicate and feminine without being fussy or cutesy, they never give me cause to remove them.

Stay tuned for the next Travel + Life Essentials installment!


Designer Dialogue: Tsatsas

November 05 2014


Photo: Gerhardt Kellermann, Munich

Established by Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas in 2012, German bag label TSATSAS has become synonymous with cutting edge contemporary design. Coupling premium leathers with an industrial and architecturally-influenced eye, Esther and Dimitrios have managed to create a brand that successfully breaks with tradition. Their creations are relevant, yet trend-averse at the same time. We sat down with the duo behind Germany's cool carriers to find out how their handbags have raised the bar.

How and why did you become handbag designers? What drew you to this particular medium?

Esther: Dimitrios and I both worked for more than ten years in the field of interior design before we returned to Dimitrios’ family roots. His parents have had a leather workshop for more than 30 years now and he grew up in those surroundings. After several years of working on bags for ourselves and friends, we decided to start our own business by combining the art of leather craftsmanship with contemporary design. At the end of 2012, we founded our own label called TSATSAS.

You have a unique approach to leather. Talk to us about the types of leather you use and why you use them.

Dimitrios: Both the exterior of our bags and all of the interiors are made of aniline leather, which comes from animals from southern Germany, France, Southern India, and New Zealand. They are reared for meat production, which is very important for us. We only use natural open-pore leathers, the properties of which determine the texture of their surface. We love the uniqueness of every skin and every hide; its pores and grain lend our bags and accessories their own very special character.


How does your German background influence your design aesthetic?

Esther: Our design aesthetic originates from many different directions and areas — the portion that is influenced by our German background is minimal. Our influences are much more location-independent disciplines like industrial design, architecture and art.


Who is the TSATSAS woman/man?

Dimitrios: In our mind, there is no certain person who carries a TSATSAS bag — it is much more about the product itself. Bringing function, aesthetics and craftsmanship into perfect balance has always been a priority for us. Whether the owners of our bags are male or female, how old they are and where they live, is totally irrelevant for us during the design process.

What pieces in the TSATSAS Fall/Winter Collection do you love the most and why?

Esther: We love the goat suede version of our FLUKE bag, with its contrast between the matt goat suede and the smooth lamb nappa leather. Goat suede is a very resistant leather, which allows us to use very thin hides. The result is that this FLUKE bag is extremely lightweight for a leather bag; its weight is just 366 grams!


What bag are you currently carrying and what's inside?

Esther: I was a FLUKE user for years, but since I am mother now, I love the LUCID NINETY bag. It can hold all the things that I need during the day — from my business diary to baby bottles to a rattling plush fox.


What, in your opinion, makes the perfect bag?

Dimitrios: In our opinion, there isn’t one perfect bag, but there are attributes that separate an ordinary bag from a sophisticated bag. To create a sophisticated bag, you need plenty of time for the handcrafting process, and you must use only high-quality materials that strike the perfect balance between form and function. Essentially, the design works to accentuate the character of the user.

Shop the TSATSAS collection at Roztayger.


Founded by fashion industry veteran Elizabeth Jeffer-Anerousis, Roztayger offers a timeless and versatile selection of men’s and women’s handbags, totes, wallets, briefcases, travel bags, electronic cases, and small goods made of quality materials.

Bonastre + Carryology

November 02 2014


Last month, shone the spotlight on Bonastre—one of our favorite Paris-based brands. To celebrate the arrival of designer Fernando Bonastre's awesome new autumn collection, I sat down with my friend and colleague to talk shop. If you're not familiar with Bonastre's beautiful bags be sure to check out this interview.
Carryology + Bonastre

You can shop Roztayger's Bonastre selection HERE (women's) and HERE (men's).



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