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Designer Dialogue: Josep García-Marchal of Atelier Marchal

February 18 2015


When it comes to the finer things in life, Belgium certainly has its fair share of bragging rights. And while our minds might immediately jump to decadent dark chocolates and world-class beers, this classic European country boasts some of the best contemporary accessory brands as well.

Enter Atelier Marchal. Created in 1999 by Spanish designer Josep García-Marchal and his sister, Ana, Marchal began in Barcelona as a small men’s and women’s jewelry/accessory atelier. It didn’t take long, however, before the brother-sister duo debuted their first handbag collection and, a few years later, relocated their booming business to Belgium. We sat down with Josep to learn more about how his love affair with leather and minimal design came to be.

Atelier Marchal is a brother-sister team. How and why did you decide you wanted to work together?

Back in 1999 Ana called me and told me, “Hey bro! What about us launching our own accessories line?” I couldn’t help accept the idea…et voilà! MARCHAL was born.


Your bags are infinitely wearable, yet still possess an avant-garde twist. How do you find a balance between the commercial and the creative?

Bags have to be wearable—that’s what they are made for! Bags are made to carry stuff, we never forget that, but we also try to do something different…usually an unconventional shape or a new material.

You transitioned from making jewelry to launching a handbag collection. What was that like? Did you find one to be more challenging than the other?

We’ve always had a crush on accessories since fashion school. I’ve been doing jewels—and Ana wearing them—since I can remember, so I guess it was the natural way to start for the brand. At that time, we were already looking for different things, experimenting, so our jewels were made of unconventional materials…like leather. Leather is an incredible material. We wanted more, we tried bags, and we got hooked!


Which of your pieces do you love the most and why?

There’s a reason behind each of our bags. There is a different occasion, need or mood in which to wear each of them. So depending on the need, I would choose one or the other—we love them all. In this moment, I would go for the oversized Niklaas bag. It’s modern, simple and different.

Which bag do you normally carry and what's inside?

The Gibson backpack.

Name one thing you never leave home without.

My keys.


Name three things that inspired your first handbag collection.

People, leather and architecture.

If you could pick anyone in the world to carry one of your bags, who would it be?

I have an obsession with my sister Ana wearing everything I make.

If you could compare your aesthetic to that of any other designer—past or present—who would it be?

I don’t really like comparisons.

What quote best captures your collections?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and “The devil is in the details.”

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