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15 Fast Ones w/ Roztayger’s Elizabeth Jeffer

March 23 2015

Jeffer Headshot

Inspired by Vogue's 73 Questions, we ran 15 fast ones by our founder, Elizabeth Jeffer.

1. Sum up Roztayger in one word.


2. Favorite season?

Those two weeks of spring and fall in New York.

3. East Coast or West Coast?

West Coast lately, though I live on the East. Need to get back to my origins of better weather.

4. Best book you ever read?

Oh man, that is tough! Recently, "The Danish Girl" by David Ebershoff. The characters just jump off the page and enter your psyche. Such a unique love story..

5. If your bedroom was on fire and you could only rescue one item, what would it be?

My grandmother Roz’s topaz ring. It's my personal cryptonite.

6. Best gift you ever received?

An unexpected car on my 16th birthday

7. Worst gift you ever received?

Sorry, hubby, but I think one Christmas I received a coffee maker of some sort. I may have blocked it out, but it was definitely an appliance.

8. All-time favorite piece from the Roztayger collection?

The Beetle Bag by Bonastre.

9. What quote do you live by?

“Life is short. Surround yourself with smart, quirky, and kind people whenever possible.”

10. Show us what's in your bag.

Jeffer Bag

11. Name three things you never leave the house without.

Lipstick, iPhone and pressed powder.

12. What TV series have you told all your friends about?

Luther. I have a huge crush on Idris Elba.

13. What handbag designer do you wish more people knew about?

A toss up between Bonastre and Atelier Marchal. Both super talented Spanish designers who are really cool and nice people as well !

14. Which celebrity, past or present, do you identify with the most?

Tilda Swinton because she owns her quirkiness with such grace. Maybe also a tad of Julianne Moore. She inspires me with her grounded intelligence and “real person” aura. I definitely connect with her sense of style.

15. Why do you run Roztayger?

Partly I love the creative/visual process. Gathering good designs together from various independent artists is, for me, like creating a beautiful new painting. I get bliss from the process. The second part is connecting people with products they get excited about. A customer who gets shipped something they love really makes my day. Clearly here are more important things in life than "material objects" but sometimes small visual and tacticle experiences can truly enhance your life in subtle ways. Sorry... not fast. My bad.


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