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Designer Dialogue: Clare Vivier of Clare Vivier

May 07 2014

Clare Vivier

Marrying classic French sophistication with modern Los Angeles cool, Clare Vivier has created a line of chic handbags coveted by accessory connoisseurs the world over. Emerging from Vivier's need for a stylish computer carrier, her eponymous label has grown into a fashion force that has collaborated with Theory, Refinery 29 and Steven Allan, among others. But while her bags play in the big leagues, Vivier remains rooted in the Los Angeles fashion community where she and her team emphasize ethical manufacturing. We sat down with Clare Vivier to learn a bit more about her favorite bags and irrefutable French connection.

How did you become an accessories designer?

It all began when I was traveling around for work and realized I wanted a functional and fashionable laptop case and I couldn't find one. It really started out of necessity and just grew from there.

Your line has a French sensibility to it. What do you think are the biggest differences between American and French style?

My husband is French and I spend a great deal of time in France with my family so I like to think that France plays a big role in our family culture. French sensibility is always something that inspires me, from quintessentially French style to the sights you take in just by strolling through Paris. I've always been drawn to the subtle way that French women exude glamour. Everything is always so effortless and yet still completely chic. I think American style is much more minimal, particularly in LA, and certainly more modern. I love when the two meet, I think that is the aesthetic I identify with most.

What pieces in the spring/summer CV collection are you most excited about?

The Simple Tote has been such a popular style that we've carried it over from season to season in great new colors and ways. I love the versatility of the navy suede with the lavender stripe that lightens up the shape. And the black and white stripe Flat Clutch is a CV classic that I'll never tire of.

Clare V Simple Tote

Clare V Flat Clutch

What bag are you currently carrying and what's inside?

I've recently switched over to the Spotted Sandrine which looks so good for spring and the transition to summer. It's actually quite roomy and you can fit everything inside. Right now it's got my Macbook Air, various Moleskin notebooks and Clare V. pouches.

Clare Vivier's Bag

Your line is a go-to for travel. What are some of your favorite destinations?

I always seem to find myself back in Paris, but I'm really excited about some upcoming trips I have planned. I'm headed to Turkey soon, which is a destination that's always been at the top of my list, and I just came back from Korea, which was such a great trip - it surpassed my expectations.

What playlist is currently on repeat at the CV office?

There's a lot of Spotify that happens in the office. The girls in the studio love Beyoncé and I've been listening a lot to Pharrell.

At present, what's your favorite item in your closet and in your home?

Whenever I travel back home to Minnesota I always find time to stop at my favorite vintage stores. The lace blouses I've discovered there over the years are a collection that keeps growing and is certainly my favorite. And we've recently lined our den with photographs that my husband has taken over the years and those are quite special — you can look at them every day and always see something new.

Clare Vivier Den

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