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Designer Spotlight: Gabriela Artigas



Interview with Tere Artigas

Where do you find your inspiration?

We draw inspiration from our Mexican heritage the same as we do from LA which is our home. Each experience we have is a source of inspiration, meeting people, going to a new city a new park a beach. Discovering a house in your neighborhood, trying new food or interior decor everywhere we visit.

Where did you learn your craft?

It's been a self taught process and really with time we have discovered new techniques and have learned how to make it work.

What is your hope for the future ?

To keep doing what we love, including our distractions listed below.
To re-open our store in LA.
We want to travel again and visit stores that we work with.
To go back to our factories in down town LA, sit with our jewelers and talk about what's coming.

What is your main source of calm/distraction during these stressful times ?

Making cocktails is an art that I just discovered; The best part is that my sister drinks everything I make for her. 
To see our herb gardens blooming, it is very soothing being able to see the daily growth of what started as a spec of green on soil. 
Water coloring is Gabriela’s  new habit.
Is all your family all in the US ? Do you have other sibs?
Our mom and brother are here in LA so yes we are all here. 
Our dad passed away years ago

Where in Mexico are you from?

Born and raised in Mexico City, such a beautiful and magical city.

Are your parents artists ? Are they creatives as well ?

Our brother is an architect by training and a furniture designer.  He custom designed our store in LA. 
Our mom runs a Non Profit on grief counseling and bereavement. 
Our paternal grandfather was a modernist architect from Mexico. 
His work has been portrayed in LACMA and other institutions.  
(see photo above)
How is it running a business with a sib?
Amazing! It is working with your best friend.
Couldn't ask for a better partner to share dreams, travels and sometimes tears with. We are always together.

Do you handle different aspects of the business ?

We have our roles but we handle every aspect together.




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