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Designer Spotlight: Extreme Cashmere

From the design team of Extreme Cashmere

How is your collection different form other cashmere collections ?

The biggest difference is the core values we design with. When we design our editions we let go of boundaries determined by age or gender or seasons. The garments are one-size and many different styles fit many different bodies. It is always very magical when we discover the product on a variety of people.


Where do you find your inspiration?


Inspiration usually comes from knitwear and clothing traditions that we love. Then, after finding that tradition, we will experiment with ways to break them. Most of it is by intuition and color plays a very important role.



What is your hope for the future of the industry ?


My hope is that we can create and consume at a slower pace. I hope people will have a better understanding of the value of their possessions and therefore appreciate them longer. This goes beyond clothing. Something that is timeless and precious to you should be with you forever.


What is your main source of calm/distraction during strange times?


Being with family and spending time in nature. Everyone in our team has very inspiring hobbies; Wies for example is an excellent cook and cooks the most beautiful dinners for her friends on the weekends and Nisse is a grafitti artist.


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