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Designer Spotlight: Maria Jobse


How did you get started?

After my graduation from fashion academy, I worked as a garment designer, tailor and teacher. After ten years in fashion/clothes, I started first with a bag label collaboration. I really liked the shaping and designing of bags! It
was well received, locally and internationally; I continued the label and started to sell in Japan. That became my main market. Everything was done under the same roof - from the first sketch, to the design to the production. I worked at that time with a dream team; amazingly talented, skilled, and open-minded people. We took this all to the next level together. At this moment I got quite a lot of  “special requests” - more personal “cut to the person” approach. More research followed on different levels. I love this personal approach.  It gives the work an extra dimension.

Where do you find your inspiration? and how has this changed over time since you began to design?

My inspiration comes from a very diverse range of things. Industrial design, architecture, interior, fashion, daily life objects, packaging, second hand items etc. There are always three aspects to it; the essence/concept, the composition and the technical part. I love to gain info through sifting thru things that could be interesting. I incorporate the feedback of customers. A beautiful reaction that I got a couple of times  is that some of my bags were referred to as the “perfect bag”. As a designer that is the biggest compliment you can get. I think of my collection as contemporary classics. Timeless, but for sure modern in its time.

Where did you learn your craft?

It runs in the family! Both my parents and my brother are creative and are crafters, My dad and my brother in their profession, mom more as a hobby. The carpenter's eye I definitely inherited from my dad. And the will to create good quality things. When I was little my parents never said that I wasn’t able to do things, so there was no insecurity in starting to create and make things myself, from a diverse range of materials. Idea’s just popped up and I started to create them, with a helping hand from my dad. Best to learn from doing and study the possibilities of materials. There were no limits in trying new things. I studied fashion and had great teachers. I always loved the spatial studies like pattern and moulage, dimensional thinking, and connecting that with the technical aspect of the material. I always aim for the best result as a perfectionist. The composition, the ratio of items, are a big fascination in my life. I always try to find the most interesting and appealing ratio without losing the simplicity and essence of it.


What is your hope for the future of your industry?


I hope fashion will become way more sustainable. More craftsmanship, more character, no fast fashion, more conscious consumers. I hope the beauty of things will rule!


What is your main source of calm/distraction during strange times?


My four Spanish adopted rescue dogs, three greyhounds and a little foxy girl, make me down to earth and give me a healthy structure. I walk a couple of hours a day with them. Being aware of the beauty of nature and the
specifics of seasons. But also, the sensitive, intuitive, and calm nature of my dogs. I learn a lot from them. Like a mirror, if I am calm, they are happy too. At the moment, I am trying to set up an exciting mix of design and my love for greyhounds/dogs. Coming soon! Furthermore, I can’t imagine my life without my friends which whom I can talk to about everything in life. Unconditional love and support. Hurray for video calls!


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