Atelier Delphine

Yuka Izutsu studied world literature, poetry, and philosophy in Japan, developing a sensibility for beauty which ranged from the sun-bleached hemp garments of Japan’s Edo Period to the films of the French New Wave. It wasn’t until she moved from Japan to Los Angeles that she came to apply her interest in conceptual art and poetry into textile in the world of fashion.

The name Atelier Delphine speaks to the influence of French minimalist cuts and casual sophistication. The business is based in New York and Los Angeles while the seed for each garment is sown while Yuka is on the move – traveling to India where she sources the fabrics to Peru, where she works closely with traditional artisans to develop beautifully crafted knits. The result is a balance between wabi-sabi aesthetics and exceptional technical detailing – two values which are the heart of Japanese culture and which guide Yuka’s search for beauty all over the world. 





Los Angeles, CA

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