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Grass Metallic Big Pouch

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Handmade in Italy the large metallic pouch is simple and useful in shape and made from a unique partly laminated calf leather.  It appears wrinkled and textural, soft to the touch and a subtle metallic sheen. The inside is aluminum lined - providing flexibility and sturdiness.  This pouch is built to last and shows no signs of wear over time.  A great investment to use as a clutch or a makeup bag.  So many pouches so little time!

• Hand made in Italy using partially laminated metallic calf leather and sliver hardware
• Zip Top
• 9" x 5.75"

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  • Notes from Elizabeth

    These pouches are indestructible and so so pretty.  Eye candy on steroids.  I have a bit of a pouch obsession and this style one is top of my favorites. It's hard to decide on which color to get.  They do an huge array of amazing shades which is definitely part of their allure. I have mine on my desk and it contains my checkbooks and stamps.