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Louiza Babouryan

They say Louiza Babouryan’s destiny was determined at a young age. The daughter of a seamstress mother and jeweler father, Louiza spent her youth immersed in a culture of art and creative thinking. The nostalgia of her childhood continues to inspire her to this day. Growing up in Armenia and the United States, Louiza’s creativity and passion for fine art blossomed. In addition to design, Louiza trained in multiple disciplines, including printmaking, sculpture, and painting. She graduated from Otis College of Art and Design and went on to launch her eponymous line in 2010. Louiza’s romantic approach to ready-to-wear has earned her numerous accolades and a staunchly loyal following.
Louiza takes a sculptural approach to design, emphasizing draping and fluidity in contrast to the cut-and-sew school of dressmaking. Her signature style juxtaposes simple, streamlined shapes with flourishes of feminine detail. Through her artistic process, she is able to explore the relationship between minimal and ornate, the avant-garde and the classic.




Los Angeles

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