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Launched in New York City in 1999, ro is the realization of architect Gene Miao, who partnered with an apparel designer to seize an opportunity in the personal accessories market. They decided to start a brand that could reflect the unique energy and distinctive character of the East Village in Manhattan, while actively adapting to the ever-changing expectations of metropolitan life.

Synonymous with clean silhouettes and quality workmanship, ro had begun to make an impact. Soon, its fine leather handbags could be found at prestigious stores in major international cities, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Takashimaya and Peter Herman in New York, and Estination, Isetan and Barneys in Tokyo. ro opened its first store in Hong Kong on Gage Street in June 2011. 

Grounded in the notion of longevity, ro handbags that become visibly worn from daily use can be refurbished, retouched and restored into timeless fashion items.