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Tiane Tenui

'Tiane Tenui is the culmination of Founder Christiane’s experience within the fashion industry, her deep appreciation for beautiful materials and a tactile exploration in refined simplicity. Exclusively creating custom pieces for each client—every single cut, stitch, tiny internal knot tied or seam sewn is completed by Christiane herself, one single piece at a time, taking however long is needed to create perfection. This is the definition of slow craft.

Christiane Smit has spent years placed firmly within the fashion industry. Beginning at an early age observing her mother making clothing and accompanying her to fabric stores creating objects became second nature. She spent a number of years traveling abroad and engaging with various cultures always searching for treasures; it is a vital part of who she is. Later, working in fashion with Japanese designers, she learned the importance of every last detail and why creating from the very best materials she can find is so instrumental to her ethos.






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