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bleu de chauffe


Bleu de Chauffe, a line of bags artisan-made in Aveyron, southern France, brings a little of the spirit of 20th century industry to throughly contemporary products designed with urban work (and play) foremost in mind. Clean, sharp and functional in design yet possessing a warmth not always associated with those characteristics, this well-balanced mix of qualities results from a forward-thinking design team working with natural materials and partners who share their emphasis on ethical and environmental standards.

Components and materials are sourced from as close to the production workshop as is practical, in order to reduce Bleu de Chauffe’s environmental footprint, with every last thread being traceable back to its source. Leathers meanwhile are naturally tanned throughout, using vegetable-based agents such as mimosa, chestnut and acacia, in a pollutant-free process that sees the water used being returned to the nearby river as pure as when it was extracted.

With silhouettes and product names alike (‘Reporter’, ‘Scott: The Writer’s Bag’) that conjure up a more intrepid era while being supremely suited for modern lifestyles, Bleu de Chauffe is the brand of choice for those seeking to add a dash of joie de vivre to daily life.

One final touch before a bag leaves the workshop: each and every piece is personally signed and dated by the craftsman who constructed it.


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