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Henry Cuir


Henry Cuir is a niche brand that came about from the instinct of its creator Henri Beguelin. He works by taking inspiration from everyday life and the beauty of nature as conveyed thru everyday objects.
The leathers mostly come from Tuscany and the manufacturing is done completely and exclusively in the Vigevano factory/workshop. The workshop is where Henry Cuir's bags and accessories come to life, acquire a soul and become truly unique. The skill set used - special to this way of making products, renders each piece unique in subtle ways.

The Henry Cuir collection isn't merely about fashion. It is a philosophy that came about from an approach to leather consisting of instinct, intuition and the poetry of creation. This process begins with choosing the best leather by touch and feel. The aroma of the leather pervades in a sensual and profound way. The making of the bags is truly that of handcraft. Machines do not interfere with the process. Henry and Fumiko, his partner in life and work - think, dream, live and create the entire Henry Cuir collection along with their long-serving staff. It is a straightforward collection with a familiar appearance and elegant details that are timeless. The aim is for the client to use and enjoy these pieces season after season as they become increasingly beautiful, personal and intimate.


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