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meli melo


Designer Melissa Del Bono established meli melo in April 2005 in the UK and headquartered in London. Recalling her time living in Aeolian Islands, Melissa describes how her early obsession with bags began with one bag in particular - "It was a huge wicker basket and I took it everywhere. We were inseparable! I would find any excuse to take it out with me. I just wanted something pretty to carry on my arm like the ladies in the villages would do." A passion for vintage continues for Melissa as she continually looks backward for her inspiration, "The past is a great source of inspiration for me. Take the wicker basket bags for example in the past they were used as feeding bowls for horses to eat from while they were on the move."

Meli Melo from the outset has developed a strong brand cache and international recognition. The mission of the brand is to create versatile, desirable, stylish yet subtle handbags, which are led by strong design. Luxury leather and the distinct shapes, sculptural yet understated, Meli Melo bags blend day and evening. Chic and practical. The first ever Meli Melo bag - the “B.B. Bag” featured a set of unique patented inverted handles which sought to revolutionize the concept of how to carry your bag. The B.B Bag evolved in ten years to become the infamous Thela Bag, which has now become a worldwide phenomenon and the most popular style.

The list of celebrities who have been known to carry Meli Melo is extensive; from Olivia Palermo to Kate Middleton, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, Margherita Missoni, Poppy Delavigne, Kate Moss, Nicole Ritchie to Danni Minogue, Meli Melo naturally appeals to a number of different demographic groups though - not just celebrities. The Thela Bag continues to be the most popular, practical bag in the collection. It’s sleek trapeze shape - inverted handles offer the market something original and effortless for everyday.



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