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Tamaki Niime


TAMAKI is one of the few designers in the world who not only designs but also makes patterns, sews, weaves, knits and dyes. The brand was launched in 2006 by designer Tamaki Niime, as a continuous pursuit of establishing a new interpretation and furthering the development of the traditional Banshu-ori, meaning yarn-dyed textile. Japan is home to Banshu Ori - the making of ancient cotton textiles by dyeing, weaving and finishing all in one continuous production cycle. This region produces some of the finest and delicate materials for fashion and the home.

Tamaki Niime opened an atelier shop in 2008, which began to produce original shawls. Later in 2014 the label also started to grow their own organic cotton with the aim of being able to source materials with 100% traceability in the future. 2014 also saw the addition of a louët megado hand weaving loom from the well known Dutch company, plus a circular knitting machine to further develop the capabilities of the brand.

In 2016 Tamaki Niime moved to the geographical center of Japan in 2016, to work with a team of talented people, where the free exchange of ideas creates an unparalled efficiency and comaraderie. The strong selection of vintage looms and knitting machines ensures that TAMAKI is able to genuinely produce original fabrics used to create shawls and other pieces. Her commitment to this superior craftsmanship is a part of the reason we chose to stock this Japanese label in our shop.


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