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Vere Verto


Dallas-born and Los Angeles-based designer, street artist and wanderlust Paige Smith got the idea for VereVerto handbags while biking around San Francisco’s trolleyed and pockmarked streets. For five years she rode to work—laptop and designs in tote—dreaming up a solution to her bedeviled commute. Paige’s design philosophy is ever-present in this handbag collection—stripped down to its essentials, VereVerto designs celebrate detail, high quality materials and, most of all, vehement rejection of frills of any kind.

Fireball Argentine-American entrepreneur Consuelo Chozas knows the business of leather like the back of her hand. Prior to starting VereVerto, she owned a high-end women’s clothing and leather business. Polyglot and globetrotter, Consuelo has travelled the world over in search of ideal business partners: soft-spoken patriarchs of centuries-old tanneries in the Spanish Castilla region, metalworkers and designers in the Italian seaside, small boutique owners on Champs-Elysees. Her commitment to and enthusiasm for highest quality products is ingrained into VereVerto handbags.


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