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Vittorio D’Ottavio


The project "Vittorio d'Ottavio" is born from time spent creating within the artisan luxury leather industry, and of its beloved founder with the same name. Born in Piove di Sacco (Padua) in 1951, Vittorio spent his adolescence working for historical Leather shop "Galleani & Zanetti" in Padua specialized in Luxury Bags and Haute couture.

In 1984 Vittorio joined a partner to create a label that was entirely Made in Italy, making leather footwear collections for themselves and eventually for the likes of Gucci, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent. Their goal during this period was to create the perfect match between a shoe and a bag.

Fast forward to 2004, after working alongside his wife and more recently his sons: eldest son Filippo d'Ottavio and youngest Leopoldo d'Ottavio, the sons came on board to help with logistics, business operations, and brand management, which firmly cemented the label Vittorio d'Ottavio. This brand is most certainly the epitome of a family run business.

Today, the brand seeks to remain established as a high level brand within the luxury leather Industry, focused on the utilization of innovative design created to highlight the particularity of traditional makers. Their mission is to transfer to every product all of their combined experience— passion and the love for this profession which allows each piece to be seen as a work of art.


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