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discreet chic

She reveres minimal, timeless and elegant design. Not concerned with what's "in" at the moment, she prefers to invest in key pieces that withstand the test of time and convey effortless chic. At once distinct and understated.

world traveller

She is always on the go - working, traveling and caretaking like so many women in today's modern world. She doesn't have the time or inclination to browse at leisure for key items to make her trip stylish and ease free, yet she is passionate about surrounding herself with beautiful design and understated luxury.

mode maven

While not a slave to trends she often likes to experiment with styles or colors she sees in fashion editorial. She has a girlish playful side which she embraces as often as possible.

gifts under $200

A few gift ideas when you have a ceiling on your budget. We have rounded up designs from around the world and found artisans whose passion is to create unique, quality products. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to give a remarkable gift.

when price is no object…

For that special someone when you are lucky enough that your budget allows flexibility. We present here some gift ideas that offer up a potent combination of luxury, distinct design and timeless elegance.


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