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Dark Blue A5 Pingraph Notebook

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A standard in the Postalco lineup since 2004, these spiral bound notebooks open completely flat for flexibility. The metal binding is partly covered, giving space to label the spine so you can stay organized with labeling.  Starch-pressed cotton is bonded to the cover.  The colors will lighten with use and the weave of the fabric will become more apparent. The fabric is water-resistant treated. The paper inside is Pin-graph, Postalco's original 1x1mm blue graph paper.  It has a texture that keeps the pen from slipping too easily, making it an ideal writing surface to keep thoughts flowing. Suitable for writing or drawing. The page thickness prevents most show-through and the paper is ecologically made and chlorine free.

• 8.75" x 6.75" -   21cm x 14.8cm
• Pin-graph paper