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Designer Spotlight: Marie Laure Chamorel


How did you get started ? 

I started as a knit designer for a top high end fashion brand in Paris, continued as embroidery designer before focusing my energies finally on my own label of luxury accessories in 2006.

Where do you find your inspiration? and how as this changed over time since you began to design ?

I am driven by a desire to give each piece of jewelery its own unique spirit and to follow my own creativity.  My inspiration goes beyond the boundaries of  pre-established fashion. I am weaving silk yarns and sterling silver chains, working directly with the raw material and I always do the first sample myself. It’s a very important process for me to be able to feel the piece that i will present in the collection. I seek out vintage pearls, ribbons, and old lace.  These basic elements undergo a transformation, blending couture and jewelry, as I enrich them with hand embroidery.  The collection is made up of long sautoir necklaces and manchette cuff bracelets. I describe my collections today as “Textile jewelry”. 

Where did you learn your craft?

I graduated from the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris. During many trips abroad I came to admire artisanal gold and silver work from many ethnicities from around the globe. I work with metal as a fashion designer and use the  dye process on Sterling silver.

What is your hope for the future of the fashion industry ? 

To slow down, take into consideration the rhythms of production and that each designer follows their own creative rhythm.

What is your main source of calm/distraction during these stressful times ? 

Being in nature!





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