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About Roztayger

Elizabeth Jeffer | Roztayger

The Story

Roztayger is a luxury fashion brand established in 2011, renowned for its curated collection of high-quality, unique designs. Emphasizing craftsmanship and individual expression, the brand values personal connection and storytelling. Undeterred by trends, each item has been purposefully sourced from hard-to-find specialty designers.

The heart of Roztayger lies in the legacy of our founder's grandmother, Rosalind Tiger Jeffer, whose grace, style, and artistic spirit inspire our collection. Every piece we offer is a testament to this heritage, embodying elegance and a deep narrative.

Roztayger supports small-scale designers, blending contemporary style with a rich heritage, and focuses on creating intimate, personalized shopping experiences that resonate with the individuality of each customer. You'll find items that are packable, versatile, and unique.

Transcend the typical online shopping experience and join us on an intimate journey into a world where style meets individuality.

We ship from San Francisco, Ca.

Elizabeth Jeffer | Roztayger

Elizabeth’s grandmother, Rosalind Tiger Jeffer + grandfather Norman Jeffer ca 1950

The Founder

Elizabeth Jeffer brings a narrative-rich and globally-inspired vision to fashion. Her journey to founding Roztayger is shaped by her deep passion for design, influenced by her extensive travels across Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America as a child. These experiences cultivated her appreciation for beauty and fashion, steering her away from mainstream trends.

Elizabeth's professional journey, starting in niche retail as a sales agent for accessory designers in New York, culminated in the creation of Roztayger. In 2011, she fulfilled her dream by launching Roztayger, named after her late grandmother, reflecting her vision for a personal and artistic shopping experience.

Holding an academic background in art history, Elizabeth regards fashion as a form of joyous self-expression. She skillfully curates collections by focusing on quality and compatibility, allowing for confident and effortless dressing. Her clientele, much like herself, are educated and well-traveled individuals who appreciate the art of assembling an ensemble.

Elizabeth's style, a blend of clean and refined aesthetics with a touch of irreverence, skillfully balances feminine and masculine elements, favoring core neutrals with painterly colors. Her transition from a global traveler to a fashion curator is evident in her dedication to offering a unique, high-quality fashion experience through Roztayger.

Her personalized service is evident in collections that align with individual tastes and lifestyles, crafting an intimate fashion experience. Through biannual Paris trips for handpicked selections and engaging with clients via her private Instagram, Elizabeth ensures Roztayger remains a distinctive destination for those who value individuality in their wardrobe.

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