Just in: Manuelle Guibal, Porter, Douce Gloire, Sofie D'Hoore, Manasi7 + Bonne Maison

Coming Soon: Babaco, Chimala, Apuntob + Jo Gordon

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About Roztayger

Launched in 2011, Roztayger represents the epitome of luxury and quality. Undeterred by trends, each item has been purposefully sourced from hard-to-find, specialty designers whose wares are perfect for world travelers. You'll find items that are packable, versatile, and unique. The story and history behind each brand I curate is just as important as the item itself. It's this relationship between craft, aesthetic and refinement that exists as the intersection of the shop. The name Roztayger is a tribute to the kindness, grace, style and artistic spirit of my grandmother, Rosalind Tiger Jeffer.


*Elizabeth’s grandmother, Rosalind Tiger Jeffer + grandfather Norman Jeffer ca 1950
Roza and Norm