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I Ro Se

i ro se is a brand established by two brothers. As children they often had fun making toys with junk in and around their house. Now as grown-ups, they create products with the same playfulness they had in their childhood. Together they blend inventiveness, playfulness and technical skills in creating a range of leather accessories and bags like no other.

Handmade by traditional artisans in the the Asakusa district of Tokyo, these products are both works of minimalistic art and a technical tour de force, combining beauty and practicality. Accessories made from high quality leather and assembled using a precise, deceptively simple origami-like technique.

The word “i ro se” means “brothers” in ancient Japanese used in Kojiki, the oldest extant chronicle of Japan. It is also regarded as the origin of the word “iro (color)”.


I Ro Se
Yellow Ric Rac Card Case


I Ro Se
Black Mini Fold Wallet


I Ro Se
Pale Blue Mini Fold Wallet

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