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MikiKnits Handcrafted, created by Milan-based knitter Miki Zanini, brings a blend of Scandinavian heritage and Italian luxury to the world of knitwear. She began her career in fashion as a model in the 90's working for Chanel and Commes des Garcons and went on to work as a stylist and fashion consultant in early 2000.  At the same time influenced by her Swedish grandmother, Miki's journey into custom knitwear began during the Summer holidays when she learned traditional techniques. This foundation is evident in her hand-knitted sweaters and their designs, which combine northern European styles with high-quality Italian yarns like cashmere, silk, yak, and alpaca.

MikiKnits emphasizes sustainability and timeless craftsmanship, standing against the fast-paced, mass-produced fashion industry. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted, reflecting a deep connection to Miki's roots and her commitment to ethical production. Custom orders are possible and encouraged. Reach out to for more information on cashmere cardigans and handmade knitwear.


Navy Elizabeth Sweater

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Grey Ingrid Cardigan


Bordeaux Elizabeth Sweater


Taupe Ingrid Cardigan

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Jade Green Ingrid Cardigan


MikiKnits - Handcrafted Scandinavian Designer Knitwear

Miki draws inspiration from Northern European styles and techniques, evoking cherished memories and sentiments. Her Italian heritage infuses a touch of luxury and sophistication, evident in her meticulous choice of materials. From luxurious Italian cashmere and silk to the softness of yak and alpaca fibers, each yarn reflects her commitment to quality and exclusivity.

Through MikiKnits Handcrafted, Miki Zanini intertwines heritage and innovation, crafting pieces that embody both warmth and elegance, resonating with discerning connoisseurs of luxury and integrity alike.

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