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Sofie D'Hoore

Sofie D'Hoore is a graduate of the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts. Originally trained in dentistry her interest in fashion eventually led her to change careers. After working in Italy for a period, she moved back to Brussels and created her first label with partner Chantal Spaas called 'Fashion Ink'. In 1992 Sofie decided to split with the label and design under her own name which developed a devoted following and became known for its modern, purist aesthetic. Her designs are understated, flattering, and created for a woman who values style and comfort over trend-driven garments. The focus remains always on precise cutting and the use of the highest quality fabrics.



Sofie D'Hoore
Nude Tilly Tshirt - size 34

$88.00 $220.00

Sofie D'Hoore
Woven Lake Proof Pants - size 36

$219.00 $730.00

Sofie D'Hoore
White Feat Sneakers - size 37+37.5

$198.00 $660.00

Sofie D'Hoore
Waterfall and Ivory Belle Shirt - 1 size 36

$212.00 $530.00

Sofie D'Hoore
Cumin Pass Pants - size 36

$284.00 $710.00

Sofie D'Hoore
Titanium off white Teo Shirt - size 36

$114.00 $380.00

Embrace the essence of minimalism and understated luxury with our curated Sofie D'Hoore collection. Each piece resonates with a sense of refined simplicity, designed for the discerning woman who seeks elegance in every detail. A Sofie D'Hoore dress stands out as a hallmark of this ethos, offering fluid silhouettes that move gracefully with the wearer, perfect for a myriad of occasions, pairing nicely with Sofie D'Hoore sneakers. 

Uncover the epitome of chic, with versatile footwear designed to complement your wardrobe effortlessly with Sofie D'Hoore shoes. Crafted for the modern lifestyle, her genuine leather shoes merge the practicality of everyday wear. Made from the finest genuine leather, these luxury pieces are not just accessories but investments in your style repertoire. Their timeless design and exceptional durability make them a must-have for those who value fashion that lasts beyond a single season.

At Roztayger, we are delighted to present a collection that encapsulates the spirit of Sofie D'Hoore - a celebration of pure lines, exquisite materials, and the art of dressing well with ease. Each dress, sneaker, and shoe in our assortment is chosen with an eye for timeless style and the lifestyle of our sophisticated clientele.

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