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From Elizabeth – The Freedom of Finding Your Uniform

For me dressing has always been about feeling confident and comfortable.

My personal uniform has evolved over the course of my life. When I reached a certain age, I found it much easier to work out a uniform that reflected me – one of the positives, in terms of getting older - no doubt!

My uniform is based on one basic principle: a balance of traditional feminine and masculine design details. Today those binary, gender-based categories mean even less in our society, and I want a style that reflects my role as a modern, professional woman. The challenge (and the fun) is in achieving the right mix. I have always loved men’s shoe styles made for women. Delicate shoes never looked right on me and made me feel unstable navigating an airport or busy city streets. To offset a masculine shoe, I like the contrast of colorful, whimsical socks.

A boyfriend jean
in a dark wash or vintage inspired pair of chinos, is often my choice for the bottom half. I tend to balance those with a top that has a feminine detail like a ruffle or an interesting color. If the top is a basic tee or more traditional button-down,  I mix in a feminine jacket or cardigan.   My jewelry is almost always delicate, so that it never has to change.  My most used bag tends to have clean, modern lines and is either white, black or navy.   If I'm feeling my clothes are super simple, I'll grab a novelty bag or clutch - an easy way to spice things up.

        The rest of my look is what you would expect for a busy mother of two who is often running to a meeting: simple! I own 7 versions of the same color lipstick! Here is a favorite I have bought over and over. Super moist and super pigmented.

        Developing a uniform can be freeing. It saves time shopping and thinking about clothing – time you can devote to more important things. And embracing a uniform can release you from being self-conscious about trends that aren’t really representative of who you are.

        It is different for everyone, but for me there is a balance between feminine and masculine that just feels authentic. It took me years to fine tune it, but now I almost never make shopping mistakes; I would say about 80% of my closet is used regularly.  20% is passion purchases.  Items I love to look at and wear occasionally - products that spoke to me and could not be passed up.

        Here's a few questions to ask, to begin defining your own uniform:

        1. What style do you find yourself drawn to over and over?

        2. What pieces could you never part with?

          I’d love to hear about your personal uniform and how you describe it! Please post below or send me an email, post on our facebook + instagram pages, or hit the "chat" button at the bottom of this page.