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Launched in the Summer of 2005 by designer Noriko Machida, Chimala introduced it’s first collection for Spring/Summer 06. Based in NYC, all garments are made in Japan from Japanese fabrics. By design, the collections share a large amount of unisex styles each season, with a focus on androgyny within her women’s collections. A rarity for women’s denim lines, Noriko specifically only utilizes authentic selvedge denim woven on pre-WWII vintage selvedge looms.

This label is typically hard to find, with a limited amount of stockists worldwide. Chimala creates its look by pursuing the best fabrics of the highest quality and by obtaining the most sophisticated skills in production from the finest Japanese artisans. Only the finest, most skilled artisans are employed to create the line, and each garment is hand distressed with hand-repaired details.

Design inspirations are mostly from 50’s-70’s daily wear. Chimala is the name of an imaginary mountain in the Himalayas and also means “beauty” in Native American. Noriko collects vintage pieces to recreate and replicate the pieces, closely following vintage styles to replicate the look, color, fit, and feel of the era. Details like repair techniques, buttons, and even materials are all carried over into Chimala’s designs.