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Lola Hats

Lola Ehrlich grew up in Paris, where her parents - an artist and a writer- encouraged her creative side while keeping her out of school.  After a brief stint in ballet, she moved to New York where she worked as a crafts designer, textile conservator and magazine editor.  Lola later opened a shop on Saint Marks Place specializing in one-of-a-kind hats for East Villagers and a few adventurous uptowners.  From there, she ventured into wholesale.  Her hats have appeared on covers of magazines ranging from Elle to Vogue Italia and are now sold worldwide in high end stores with a distinct point of view. 




New York City

Lola Hats
Snap FIrst Aid Hat

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Lola Hats
Commando Hat


Lola Hats
Sous Shield

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Lola Hats
Canon Dust Headband - 1 left

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Lola Hats
Royal Blue Dumpling Tote - 1 left

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