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PB 0110

The unique aroma of vegetable-tanned natural leather hides and the robust feel of bales of linen are among PB 0110 founder Philipp Bree’s earliest memories. In 1970, the year before he was born, his parents founded the BREE bag company with production initially took place in the family living room. In 1998 Philipp and his brother took over management of the now globally acclaimed family firm, and in 2013 he debuted his own, eponymous PB 0110 (the digits signify his birth date) line in Berlin and Paris.

Philipp Bree believes passionately in the significance of beloved objects; in things which develop character through daily use and so become essential companions over time. In keeping with this philosophy PB 0110 produces bags and accessories using materials that possess such qualities: vegetable-tanned natural leather, pure linen and brass. PB 0110‘s exquisite bags and accessories are conceived by a small team of hand-picked designers (the initials in each product name refer to the designer), then crafted by revered European manufacturers boasting generations of expertise.

"Twenty-five years ago my father gave me a travel bag of natural leather,” recalls Philipp. “I still carry it to this day and have learned to treasure it, just as one might care for a wonderful object that grows close to their hearts and accompanies them throughout the years. It is for this reason that I founded PB 0110."





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