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Phi 1.618

The Phi 1.618 collection refers to the Phi golden section. The value of 1.618 corresponds to the ratio between two measurements of a figure. It is known since antiquity as the most elegant proportion of nature. This "divine proportion", as it was called in the Middle Ages, governs the most beautiful works of nature and man: from the stamens of plants, nautilus shells or cathedrals, to the works of Leonardo da Vinci and even human DNA.

Phi 1.618 respects this proportion which gives the pieces elegance and timelessness.

They select whole hides in full grain leather of exceptional quality from the unused stocks of the major French luxury houses and their associated tanners. Leathers  that, until recently, were destroyed. By "upcycling" them, they reduce the environmental impact of fashion while ensuring the highest level of quality and sustainability.

The creations are imagined, proto-typed and manufactured in France in the rules of the saddler's tradition to ensure an exceptional quality and to perpetuate artisanal know-how. Each edge is threaded, tinted then heated, smoothed and sanded several times to ensure an ideal finish.

Each model is made in very limited editions. This allows each woman to be different while at the same time preserving our planet.


Phi 1.618
Black and Navy Reversible Belt - 1 left

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Phi 1.618
Slim Blue Wrap Belt - 1 left

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