New Arrivals: Scha, Sula Clothing, Chimala, Manuelle Guibal + No An bags

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Kichizo Yoshida founded Porter in 1918 in Tokyo and continued with bag manufacturing until he was 88 years old. Central to their identity and continuing to this day, the corporate logo is “heart and soul into every stitch – We believe Japanese craftsmen’s skills are No. 1 in the world.“ Porter goods continue to be designed and made in Japan and the impeccable quality and design sense confirms this. Today Yoshida's 2nd son runs the business, while the leaders of the design team, Susumu Hasegawa (orginally from Comme des Garcons) and Ko Kuwhahata, "continue the theme of integrity - integrating the cutting edge of the times.” The line is vast with many styles and divisions. The Tanker, Smoky, Dual, and Heat collection shown here at Roztayger are among those that have been the most popular over time with the Porter following. 

In English, Porter means “a person employed to carry luggage and supplies”. In French, Porter is a verb, meaning “to carry” and “prêt-a-porter” means “ready-to-wear” or fashionable outfits. The synergy at such levels of its meaning makes Porter an apt name for the collection.