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Warm White Brillenkette Eyeglass Chain

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The Ina Seifart's eyeglasses chain keeps you and your glasses connected while adding a dash of color and whimsy. More than a practical accessory, it functions as a necklace, ensuring your glasses are always within reach. 

A design, though simple, is striking, adding a dash of color to any outfit. These glasses chains offer a generous length of 28.35 inches and 8mm wooden beads on an elastic cord for comfort and durability. It’s a beaded glasses chain that epitomizes the fusion of functionality with artistic flair, making it a must-have.

Each beaded chain is exquisitely handcrafted in Berlin, Germany. This distinctive piece is crafted from Salvia elastic ribbon, threaded with vibrant 8mm wooden beads. The Ina Seifart beaded eyeglass chain is not just an accessory, but a statement of fine craftsmanship and modern style.

• 8mm wooden beads made from certified sustainable wood (FSC)
• Vegan, non-toxic varnish
• Salvia elastic ribbon
• 28.35 inches in length
• Handmade in Berlin, Germany