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Designer Spotlight: Chimala

Designer Noriko Machida of Chimala is based in NYC, all garments are made in Japan from Japanese fabrics. By design, the collections share a large amount of unisex styles each season, with a focus on androgyny within her women’s collections. A rarity for women’s denim lines, Noriko specifically only utilizes authentic selvedge denim woven on pre-WWII vintage selvedge looms.


How did you get started?

We collect vintage denim, workwear, US and European military items. We wanted to create a collection inspired by vintage and for the collection to look as if they are real vintage but we always add some essence, some playful details to the pieces to feel newness.


Where do you find your inspiration and how has this changed over time?

We get inspirations mainly from American and European vintage collection from 1930's to 1960's, but sometimes we look at images from old books and watch old movies for design inspiration.


Where did you learn your craft?

from daily work!


What is your hope for the future?

Fashion should be fun at any age, anywhere you are. I hope the world becomes such a place where everyone can enjoy fashion in peace. 


What is your main source of calm/distraction during these stressful times?
Stretch, exercise and wine